New Game: Janosik brings Polish Highlander Platforming to ZX Spectrum


Games starring a Polish Highlander don’t come along every day that is why Janosik is so interesting. Having just hit the ZX Spectrum, Janosik is interesting as the backstory makes him sound like a Robin Hood of sorts. In this new game for the Spectrum, players are tasked with saving Janosik’s love, Maryna, from the evil castle where she is being held captive (cliche as all get out but still somewhat different).

Before you go and download Janosik (which is free) you should know, it is only three levels long. This is horribly short by any standard of gaming. We are hoping for more levels to be added/a new longer release to be made available soon.

Grab Janosik now off of for free. Thanks to Retrocollect for the heads up on this one.

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