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Game Hack: Castlevania Simplified 2.0 Released

If you are a new gamer just discovering retro, or are a long time gamer, you probably realized sooner than later that the original Castlevania is not easy. Not by any means. Konami made Castlevania hard and it became a badge of honor back in the day to be able to brag that you have beaten this whip cracking romp through Dracula’s castle. Thanks to a prominent rom hacking community member, Castlevania is now easier, if you want it to be that is.

Changes made to the original Castlevania include, but are not limited to:

Starting the game with five lives
Small Hearts are worth two on your life bar
Daggers are gone, all instances of them in the game are now Crosses, Holy Waters or Axes instead
Most bottomless pits are gone
Most enemies only cause one point of damage
Helpful items are more abundant in the levels1726screenshot4 1726screenshot1

Since this is a hack of a commercial game, we can only link to the patch file over on

Carl Williams

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