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Legends, Atari 2600 Horror Title, Continues to Lunge Towards Completion

When you think of the Atari 2600 you probably don’t think of action/puzzle games. That is exactly what Legends is though, an action/puzzle game with a horror austhetic that runs wild with the iconic imagery.

The story in Legends follows a ten year old kid named Chip who happens to love horror movies. We are not talking a ‘weekend horror’ fan here, we are talking an afficianado of the genre, Chip knows the baddies inside and out, their motivations, their stats and their kill/death score cards by heart. Chip also happens to love wearing his hockey mask any time he is up and about.legends atari 2600 homebrew horror independent (3)

Chip has received a cool new horror game, one that just happens to be the link between our world and all hell breaking loose. Not a bad storyline.  Horror staples such as Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Pinhead (Hellraiser), Jason (Friday the 13th) and more will be represented in the game with their own levels.  Some of the actors that portrayed these minions from Hell are on tap for some one of a kind promotion once the game is finished.legends atari 2600 homebrew horror independent (2)

To follow the progress, and possibly get in on a cartridge when released, check out the Atari Age thread.legends atari 2600 homebrew horror independent (1)


Carl Williams

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