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New NES Game: Sgt. Helmet Training Day by the Mojon Twins

It is not every day that we get a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System so it is usually a small event in the retro community when it happens. The Mojon Twins are prolific in releasing new games for retail defunct systems and today, we have Sgt Helmet Training Day for the NES to talk about.

Originally Sgt Helmet was a ZX Spectrum title which probably explains the extremely limited color pallette chosen- some necessary items/weapons blend into the background and are easy to miss. For a NES title though, this is pretty impressive, especially considering this was created without official development hardware.sgt helmet training day nes indie mojon twins (5)

Here is the official story from the Mojon Twins website-

“Shortly before his infamous adventure in Khartadmocia (where he was sent to rescue 40 rescueable damsels) – about a couple of weeks earlier -, Sgt. Helmet was rolling snots with his pinky while feeling incredibly bored and disatisfied with the training methods used in his base. Mind you, he was a proud member of the top-3 thoughtest people on Earth alongside Chuck Norris and Katheleen Turner, and, in his opinion, jumping trampolines using jumping flip-flops and rolling under barbed wire in the mud was kind of depressing.sgt helmet training day nes indie mojon twins (2)
That’s why fellow warriors Sgt. Pepperpot, Col. Miguel and Alm. Adamant designed an all-new training field for their good fellow Sgt. Helmet so he could properly train for an always possible, upcoming war or rugby match.
The very day Jimmy the Lemur, his own pet, became of age (do the math: 15 lemurean years equal 4 dog years), the fellow warriors had something for Helmet: he got his eyes blindfolded, his lips rouged, and dressed with a cute blue taffeta blouse with matching skirt. Then he was told “we are sending you to a suicide mission to Kartadmocia – but before you have to pay us a little favor: set five bombs in the Defence Ultra Large Level computer, the DULL, and the come back to the base. Like?”. Still astonished, while inspecting the field maps about the location of the DULL computer, Helmet answered “Like”.sgt helmet training day nes indie mojon twins (4)
Then, Helmet kissed Jimmy goodbye while he was putting out the last candle in the cake, carefully folded the taffeta clothes and put them back for more important commitments, put on his military boots (one marked with a red tag, other with a green one, so he would not be confused on which to put in each foot) and namesake helmet, and got ready for the mission!”

As you can see, the story is quite wacky and unique. If you are into overhead action titles then grab Sgt Helmet Training Day from the Mojon Twins website today.sgt helmet training day nes indie mojon twins (3)

Carl Williams

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