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Kickstarting 8-Bit Action Adventures with Insanity’s Blade from Casual Bit Games

Normally we don’t cover Kickstarter projects here at RGM, nothing behind it, we just tend to focus on what our readers have shown the most support for. We are open to new things though, that is how you find out what people want. Take Insanity’s Blade for instance, it is a new indie game from Casual Bit Games. Insanity’s Blade is styled after the 8-Bit days of old, back when story lines mattered more than the graphics and gamers were tasked with having to have good imaginations to complete the aura of a good game.

Insanity’s Blade features a storyline that runs the gamut of gaming- a father has lost his wife and child and is on a trek to the underworld to reclaim their souls. That screams Acclaim/Konami storyline from the late 80’s to me.

Graphically, Insanity’s Blade is a hybrid 8/16-Bit title- it looks like a NES title but has parallax scrolling and more stuff going on on-screen like 16-Bit titles. The action is 2D side scrolling all the way- check out the short gameplay video for more on that.

The team behind Insanity’s Blade is a small Canadian team (don’t see a lot from our neighbors up North) who are down to Earth on their expectations (they have already reached their goal). If you are a retro gamer wanting original content, then head over, throw some cash at this project and help support those creating the games you want to play.

Carl Williams

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