Today in History: December 7th, 2004- Mega Man X8 Arrives Without Keiji Inafune


Mega Man is one of a select few legacy franchises that has survived since the Nintendo Entertainment System days and is not a Nintendo bred title. There are not a lot of other titles in this group so it is quite an elite list. Mega Man is also a title that has touched nearly every console that reach mainstream success over the years (Capcom did snub a couple here and there). With Mega Man X8 though, Capcom marked the changing of the guard so to speak- Keiji Inafune was not in charge of the blue bomber anymore and a new team took charge.

Featuring gameplay similar to Pandemonium (anyone remember that 32-Bit classic?) with smooth transitions from 2D side scrolling to 3D sections of the level, Mega Man X8 was not a title that was well received. Hovering around the 7/10 mark, while not bad, is not great for a Mega Man game.

Mega Man X8 is available on Playstation 2 and Windows (sponsored links for availability below):

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One Response to “Today in History: December 7th, 2004- Mega Man X8 Arrives Without Keiji Inafune”

  1. hookyhook says:

    This game looks like junk! even the older 2D sprites animations look better than this

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