Today in History: December 7th, 2004 – Kuon Turns Survival Horror Upside Down on Playstation 2


Survival horror titles at one time were an endangered genre in gaming. Sure game publishers dabbled with the genre all the way back to the NES, at least in a style that we are familiar with today. By 2004, the genre had developed standards that most companies had to go with or suffer poor sales as word of mouth spread. Kuon is one of those titles that bucked part of the survival horror genre in how it controls- something Capcom has caught hell over from many directions in their Resident Evil games.

Based on the classic Japanese horror title, Kwaidan, Kuon is set in a dank and dark mansion (imagine that) in Kyoto in the Heian period of 794 to 1185 of Japan. While Kuon offers an alternative to the genre standard “tank controls” the more prevalent style is selectable by those that wish to use it.

The game is broken up into three parts, Yin, Yang and finally the Kuon phase. In all three parts the player encounters wild creatures, some really weird twins and more. At least it is a change of pace from constantly fighting zombies with a shotgun.

Kuon is not available digitally in any form but we have links below to (sponsor) stores that carry it:

Kuon for PS2 at Hastings

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