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Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat to See Extremely Limited Release on Nintendo Entertainment System

Years ago, Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat on the Nintendo Entertainment System was cancelled for whatever reason. It was pretty much a completed game that was simply canceled late in development (prototypes were produced presumably for review purposes). Several years ago one of those prototypes appeared on Ebay finally selling for over $2,500 to a preservationist group and now, the final cartridge is preparing for release, in limited quantities.

Those interested in picking up one of the limited 150 copies can look forward to receiving a green cartridge containing Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat, a BitBox with artwork and hand numbered according to your purchase number (there are a precious few left), a Chuck Yeager Wingman pin and a surprise insert (not sure what this would be and information is scarce).ChuckYeager-7 ChuckYeager-12 ChuckYeager-15

Features of Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat include:

Synth speech of Chuck Yeager himself speaking
3D polygonal graphics (amazing for the NES)
Multiple camera angles, mid flight re-fueling and even a missile controlled in the first person
Completely finished gameA84557CA-C947-4912-A206-A48CBF681251-7771-000008D2C9447050_zpsecf2b5a9 42572AD6-BFE6-4CEA-86B4-114FCCDDC12E-7771-000008D2D893A5CF_zps7ef9e19c

The cost of Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat will run you about $85 (USA), $100 (Canada) and $110 (Worldwide) including shipping. Once the game is sold out in physical form, the team behind it will release the ROM for free for anyone that wants it.

To grab your copy visit the forums and follow the detailed purchase instructions.

Carl Williams

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