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Fans Make Shenmue II, With English Voices, Available for Sega Dreamcast

shenmue II dreamcast

Shenmue was on of those games that gamers either loved or didn’t understand. It was also one of the titles that Dreamcast owners could point at and thumb their noses at everyone else because there really was nothing else like it on the market. Sadly, Shenmue 1 was to be a lonely single release in North America, at least on Dreamcast. Shenmue II was evenutally released on the (to some) Dreamcast spiritual successor, the Xbox.

Due to there not being a North American version planned, there was no English version of the second title created (at least voice wise). In Europe there is a Shenmue II on Dreamcast but it features Japanese voices with French, Spanish and English subtitles. The Xbox version that did reach North American shores features the, nearly complete, cast of voice actors/actresses from the original title.dc_1040

This fan work pulls the audio from the North American Xbox version of Shenmue II, downsamples it and puts it in a bootable format for play on the Sega Dreamcast.

This fan translation offers English voices and even a region selection (NTSC or PAL). Since this is a commercial title, we cannot provide a download link directly to it. We also cannot link to the patch considering there is not one available.dc_1041

Carl Williams

Carl has been gaming since he was five years old with the Atari 2600 on up to the Super Nintendo and Playstation Portable and Android. Being involved in gaming media for over five years has only sharpened his skills with new challenges in gaming and how to best relay it to others.

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  • Xino

    eh? when i played the PAL version, it had english voices:/

    • Carl Williams

      The original PAL version had Japanese voices with English, Spanish and French subtitles. This is considered “old” by many (which means you probably played this version a year or so ago) but it is still quite new to many gamers that had no idea it was available.

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