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Saviour, New Action RPG for Sega Dreamcast Continues Development

The Sega Dreamcast is a system that the fans simply will not let go of, even if Sega has done so more than a decade ago. We just brought information on Dream into Darkness (a port of the original Alone in the Dark) and now, we are covering a new action RPG that is being worked on again. Saviour, by 2D-RP, is returning to development after a short hiatus.

The development team behind Saviour cite 16-bit/32-Bit classic role playing games such as Lufia, Grandia and Alundra as inspiration. This puts Saviour in good company as far as what the devs intend to create, now to see if they can pull it off. Saviour has been in development since 2011 counting time off to work on other titles.

To see the dev blog for yourself check out or their Facebook page.shot3 shot4

Carl Williams

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5 Responses to “Saviour, New Action RPG for Sega Dreamcast Continues Development”

  1. Carl Williams says:

    Added a link to their Facebook page.

  2. peterpansyndrome94 says:

    I am so excited with this because I am enjoying Dragon’s Crown a supposed to be Sega Dreamcast game that finally gets published on PS3 and Vita. Selling 800K for a niche title is awesome.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Thanks for the tip. A lot of people are not aware that Dragon’s Crown was originally a Dreamcast title. I wonder how far it got on Sega’s ill fated hardware?

  3. Carmack says:

    Just coped a Dreamcast… Would totally grab this.

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