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Today in History: November 25th, 1989- Mystic Defender Released on Sega Genesis

When Sega released the Genesis system in the late 80’s, they had to come out of the gates swinging with everything they had. One method they used was their arcade ports, some of which hit the competitor’s NES system but were better on the Genesis system. Another method was to come out with original titles such as Mystic Defender.

The setting for Mystic Defender is an alternate Japan with a heavy fantasy motif going on. Here, Zareth the bad sorcerer, has kidnapped a young maiden named Alexandra. As with most bad sorcerer’s, Zareth plans on using Alexandra for some bad things, such as sacrificing her to bring back Zao, an ancient evil god. During these events, castle Azuchi rises from the local waters alerting Joe Yamato who is called upon to stop this menace from going any farther.mystic defender sega genesis nudity (2)

The game play of Mystic Defender is unique in that your only defense is magic that is picked up during the levels. No punching, no kicking- really no other means to protect yourself outside of magic. This brings a bit of strategy to the way the levels are completed and how the enemies are dispensed with.mystic defender sega genesis nudity (1)

Many will probably remember Mystic Defender as the title that had nudity in it. That was a big no no with Nintendo and there is indeed an early version of Mystic Defender that features a bit of nudity deep in the game. Sega eventually replaced the nudity featuring cartridge with one that was more tame and “family friendly” making the other version quite a collectors item.mystic defender sega genesis nudity (3) mystic defender sega genesis nudity (4)

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Today in History: November 25th, 1989- Mystic Defender Released on Sega Genesis”

  1. Jared Lowry says:

    I had this game it was very fun but extremely hard as a yougin

    • Carl Williams says:

      Sega was making a lot of good moves back in the early days of the Genesis, they just lacked good marketing skills to get the word out to gamers.

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