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Today in History: November 15th, 2001 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Arrives

Yesterday, we took a look at the second game in the Harry Potter series, Chamber of Secrets, and discussed the various ports and their strengths/differences. Today, the original game, Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone hit consoles, PC and portables. Though this time, we have a much more limited release schedule. PS2, Xbox and Gamecube versions are a good two years after this debut- it gets wild laying this out on a time line.

Initially, Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone hit the Playstation One, Windows, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Mac OS X. Still quite a list of systems for a debut.

For those that do not know what Harry Potter is about, check the wiki. For everyone else that is either a fan or looking to find out what type of game this was so they might try it, continue reading while the wiki readers are busy.


Playstation One version


Windows/Mac version

Fans of action games will want to check out the Windows, Playstation One and Mac version. Played from the third person perspective with a few puzzles mixed to break up the action keeps the game somewhat fresh and interesting. Running around Hogwarts and casting spells is always fun.


Game Boy Color version

Just like Chamber of Secrets, the Game Boy Color version is a role playing game that is similar to Final Fantasy (though for true RPG fans, check out the third title, Prisoner of Azkaban).


Game Boy Advance version

The Game Boy Advance version is another overhead action puzzle game, again similar to Chamber of Secrets from yesterday.

As far as licensed gaming goes, these games are not all that bad. In places they could be better but generally speaking that feeling of a “rushed” title is not apparent here. Due to the licensing agreements required, there have not been any digital, or otherwise, re-releases of these titles.

Carl Williams

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