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Today in History: October 26th, 1995 – Batman Forever Tripped onto the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo

Batman is a popular license, no matter what is being licensed. From toys to comics to movies to games, DC Comics’ Dark Knight is a cash cow of mega proportions. There have been duds in television (the cult followed 60’s show) and in gaming (the game we are talking about here).

Being based on one of the “worse” Batman movies probably put this game on the avoid list of many gamers before it even released. According to how it was received by the gaming press of the day, gamers were rightful to be wary. Taking digitized graphics to a new realm, at least on 16-Bit as Phoenix 3 did it already on 3DO, Batman Forever had characters that looked “just” like the movie actors. The problem with this graphic style is that it is limiting in animation qaulity and variety.04

On top of the clunky animation, the controls were quite difficult to master- not unlike trying to master an early Neo Geo fighter. This is especially true about the Super Nintendo version, which is ironic since it has more buttons than the Sega Genesis, where the six button controller was an add-on.

If you are brave enough to, or unknowingly, venture into this adventure you can expect a single plain scrolling fighter with some platforming elements for your trouble. This is no Batman Returns on SNES or Streets of Rage on Genesis.03

Batman Forever hit the PC, Playstation, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and various handhelds. No digital method is available that we know of so used games stores and Ebay are your only choices on this one.01

Carl Williams

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