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Today in History: October 16th, 1992- Atomic Runner Treads on Sega Genesis

atomic runner chelnov nuclear sega genesis data east retro classic endless runner (1)

Atomic Runner, a title that many probably don’t remember, was probably the birth of endless running games. Before the complaints start rolling in, think about this- Atomic Runner is all forced scrolling, though the player has control over Chelnov (the character in the game). While not “endless” Atomic Runner does hold similarities to newer titles just like Pitfall is similar to Super Mario Bros.

Developed quite a bit like “run and gun” games of the time, Atomic Runner, at least in Japan, had a controversial life. There are ties to Chernobyl and Russia for instance that Data East left in (but removed when porting the game to Sega Genesis).

So, the next time you roll your eyes at another endless running game being announced, remember Atomic Runner and say thanks/curse it.atomic runner chelnov nuclear sega genesis data east retro classic endless runner (2)

Atomic Runner/Chelnov is available on the Japanese Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. No other North American release has been made available. Folks, you want to play this, you are going to have to go full retro.

Carl Williams

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