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Russian Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Found

teenage mutant ninja turtles the legend returns sega mega drive genesis russia bandit gaming (2)

Russia is not known for being the gaming industry incubation area but earlier this year, a Russian version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was unearthed. This is an “original” version of the green heroes in a half shell as in it is not one we received anywhere else in the world.

Elansar, Myst-Like on Android, Mac/PC and Atari Jaguar?

elansar atari jaguar orion google play pc windows myst mac puzzle adventure island (2)

Sure, we are late to the party on reporting on this one but it isn’t stopping us becaus the game is available on many platforms. The reason for this article though is that this game is on the Atari Jaguar of all systems. If you wanted (it is sold out) a Myst clone for your […]

Hack Slash Loot Coming to the Atari Lynx

atari lynx indie home dungeon crawler homebrew port hack slash loot (2)

The Atari Lynx was one of the systems to die at the feet of the venerable Nintendo Game Boy (as chronicled here). The Lynx was released during a time that Atari was coming off the slow demise of the Atari 7800 (another system they handled extremely badly). This should have left Atari open to focus […]

Sacred Line:Genesis

Siq3gR9l (1)

It seems that 2013 is going to be the year of visual novels on the Sega Genesis console as I just found out about another one (the other being Silent Hill).  This one is called Sacred Line: Genesis, it uses the same engine as the Silent Hill game (GINCS) and just like that illegitimate Konami […]

Silent Hill Visual Novel Hits Sega Genesis

silent hill sega genesis visual novel (1)

Silent Hill is one of those titles that became popular with the advent of the PSOne and was not available on anything prior to that console. Till now. Silent Hill was a gamble of sorts for Konami as everyone back then were trying new things with the 32-Bit system rathe than giving players more of […]

Retro Gaming Magazine Issue #1 Information

rgm #1 cover 3

We are launching Retro Gaming Magazine, again, this time with a new staff and better focus on what gamers want.  We have been using social media, forums and other connections with gamers to get a better feel for what they would like to see in the magazine.  Why?  Because we feel that the current magazines […]

Bandit Gaming: Aperture Science DS (Portable Portal)


This post is from Gaming on Nintendo: Portal is obviously a successful series, one that holds the distinction of being the first to make this writer actually upgrade the old computer to something newer that could run a recent title. Since we probably will never see an official release of Portal on Nintendo DS/3DS we […]

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