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A Further Six Absurdly Difficult D&D Adventures (That Are Not ‘Tomb of Horrors’)

This week, I celebrated my birthday. That’s right, Modern Zorker has turned the great four-oh (though I prefer to think of it as “21 with 19 additional levels in the Geek Prestige Class”). To celebrate, I’ve invited one of the best friends I had growing up: Dungeons & Dragons! And because nothing says ‘Happy Birthday!’ better than tearing the shrinkwrap off a shiny new module and using it to harass, debase, and annihilate your players, this here’s part three of my long-winded look at official adventures which were penned solely to leave scars on bodies and minds–as always, I’m ignoring Tomb of Horrors because obvious meat grinder is obvious. So if you’re seeking a way to make the Thief afraid of picking even his own pockets, the Cleric renounce her vows, and the Mage use his scroll collection for latrine wipes, then I wrote this just for you. Happy Zorker’s Brithday, you deranged terror-loving gamer! Now, what say you and I go mince some PCs, hmm?

Streets of Rage 2

Six Streets of Rage Hacks That Rock the Sega Classic

Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most beloved Sega games out there. Seriously, it is almost above reproach on the level of Super Mario World, Tetris, Robowarrior, and Pac-Man. With such admiration comes fans that are more than willing to bring their own ideas to the classic through hacks (PC gamers know these as “mods” or modifications). Rather than just writing up the Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse 2 news, while cool, I decided to expand a bit and bring an article of what I consider cool Streets of Rage 2 hacks. Prevoiusly, I did a list of seven cool Streets of Rage 2 hacks already. Maybe head over, check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom Hides Retro Styled Mini Games in Upcoming Nintendo Switch Releases

Capcom are one of the few companies sitting on a literal gold mine of classic content, yet they feel the need to only push out certain additions to newer franchises. This is sad, but it is part of the business, I guess, as they are out to make money and they are arguably quite good at it. Take for instance two of their upcoming releases for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom have seen fit to hide a couple of mini games in these which will at least get your mind off the main game action.


Cuphead Review

Taking on the challenge of Cuphead is a unique difficulty for a gamer to face. For years gamers have been hand held through tough parts, been handed so much, and generally did not notice their skills withering and dying. Don’t worry, a game like Cuphead will either put hair on your gamer chest or it will make you cry foul. Really, those are the only two ways you are going to come out of your time with Cuphead. It is a polarizing title.

Pinkie! Super Nintendo by Piko Interactive

Piko Interactive Announce Pre-Orders for New Games

Piko Interactive, the independent publishing company that won’t quit, has just announced another round of cool games for classic consoles. For those that do not know who Piko Interactive is, maybe you have heard of some of their releases including Legend, Dorke and Ymp, Iron Commando (all for Super Nintendo) or Super 3D Noah’s Ark (SNES, Steam and soon Sega Genesis). Piko have acquired the rights to a lot of interesting titles across many platforms that will surely interest our readers here at Retro Gaming Magazine.

Intrepid Izzy for Sega Dreamcast, Windows, Steam, PlayStation 4

New Senile Team Game Nears Half of Funding on Kickstarter

Senile Team, the creators of some of the more interesting releases for Sega Dreamcast and other platforms, are back with a new Kickstarter campaign. This crowdfunding project is for a 2D side scrolling action game that they are working on called Intrepid Izzy. For anyone that is tired of seeing scrolling shooters coming out for retro consoles this is a breath of fresh air. Considering it is Senile Team, I am quite confident in getting excited for Intrepid Izzy as their track record for releasing games is almost perfect (only that fantasy beast game is missing that they have announced, anyone remember it?). Intrepid Izzy looks quite good already and it is coming to Windows, PlayStation 4, and Sega Dreamcast (sorry Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, no word yet on your version).

8-Bit Adventure Anthology Volume One

8-Bit Adventure Anthology Volume One Features Point and Click Classics

The world of adventure games is a wild one. Especially when you venture into the computer side of the equation where point and click adventures used to battle with text adventures and role-playing games alike. On consoles, it was a different story – text adventures were non-existent and role-playing games only picked up steam as consoles got more powerful. Déjà Vu, Uninvited, and Shadowgate all saw release during the 8-Bit console days. That is an important detail to remember.

Nickel News – Solving The Mystery Of Love, Thimbleweed Park Heroes Ray And Reyes Wed

Thimbleweed Park – Finally answering the question of will they or won’t they, federal agents Ray and Reyes were married today at the Edmund Hotel.

Beyond Oasis Sega Genesis

Sega Forever Adds Another Sega Genesis Classic

Sega Forever, for those that do not know, is Sega’s ad supported free games initiative (don’t worry, you can disable the ads with a single In App Purchase). It is a great idea, though it has its detractors, mainly fans that bought these games already and now are forced to use the ad supported version (or pay again to remove the ads). Sega has been quite steady with releasing new games to this line on both Android and iPhone. This week is no different.

Space Escape, Action/Puzzle Platform Game Released for the ZX Spectrum

With all the recent hype surrounding the C64 Mini, it’s nice to see some releases for other 8-bit computers. And with Space Escape, we have a new action puzzler platform game to play with on the ZX Spectrum.

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