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Jack B Nimble iOS Endless Runner

New Game: Jack B Nimble is a Game Boy Looking Endless Runner for iOS

Who would have thought that the original, salad green, Game Boy would be inspiring game developers 25 years later? We can add Jack B. Nimble for iOS to the list- it also hit Windows, Mac and Linux platforms awhile back. Much like other endless running games, Jack scrolls on without your input leaving you to react to the obstacles that appear.


Game Hack: Donkey Kong Hacked into Streets of Rage 2 on Sega Genesis

Hacks of Streets of Rage 2 are nothing new, it is more a case of covering the more interesting ones than it is a matter of simply covering every one of them. When I saw Donkey Kong had infiltrated the Sega Genesis brawler I knew I had to write it up, this is just too good to pass up. Basically, this is Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong, fighting the baddies in the Sega classic and it seems to work better than you might expect.


Wacky Wednesday – Thumb Master

Welcome back to Wacky Wednesday, where we ask the all-important question: “What the F&@!?”  Today we’re looking at an accessory destined to rock the gaming world, to ensure that you dominated each and every alien invader, koopa troopa, and loathsome Communist oppressor who crossed your path.  We love it.  It’s so bad.  And it’s not the Power Glove.  It’s the Thumb Master!

Traumerin Game Boy Retro Action Platform RPG PC Windows logo

New Game: Traumerin Brings Game Boy Style Graphics to the Forefront

If you are a huge fan of the Game Boy then you will definitely be interested in Traumerin from VelvetAntStudios. Traumerin is a 2D side scrolling action platforming role playing game, of sorts. Graphically, Traumerin is in the same vein as the original black and white Game Boy that Nintendo released in 1989, though some liberties were taken to improve on the art style.

Alien vs Predator Box

Revenge of the License: Alien vs. Predator

If the last two weeks of reading this column have left you feeling like the licensed gaming gods are a capricious lot with no regard for humanity, sanity, or financial stability–good. You’re starting to get the picture. But every so often things work out and balance is restored for a few precious hours. That balance can come from the most unlikely places as we saw a few weeks ago, and this week’s column is no exception. Yes, the Atari Jaguar was for all intents and purposes a joke. Yes, their ads proved Atari had difficulty understanding science  (multiple 32-bit processors do not equal one 64-bit system, no matter how often you order gamers to “do the math”). Say what you will about Atari’s marketing skills or the majority of their software, but there were two games non-Jaguar owners would kill to play their own consoles. The first is Tempest 2000, Atari’s phenomenal update to the arcade original. The second is Alien vs. Predator, which made every gamer who saw it in action burst into tears of joy. And then tears of rage, because unless you were that one rich kid who got everything he wanted, you knew you were never playing this outside of the demo kiosk at Kay-Bee Toys.

Legena Union Tides Title

Kickstarter- Legena Union Tides Brings 16-Bit Style RPG Goodness to Multiple Platforms with Your Help

Grandpa Pixel, the developer behind the 16-Bit style Role Playing Game Legena Union Tides, has returned to Kickstarter. The goal is set rather low which is unusual for Kickstarter projects but shows the depth of development already done for Legena- this is not something that is coming from scratch and all work really begins after funding- Grandpa Pixel have been working on Legena and it shows (check the demo out for proof).


Hardware Hack: Game Boy Goes HD with HDMIBoy

The original Game Boy, and the follow ups such as the Color, literally changed portable gaming over the decade plus life they enjoyed. Competition came from everyone including Atari (Lynx) and Sega (Game Gear and Nomad) and even NEC (Turbo Express) but they all failed due to one reason or another (battery life, lack of marketing, etc). Nintendo had a winning platform on their hands and they knew it. Nintendo even offered methods to play Game Boy games on their Super Nintendo (but then killed such options on the N64). Now, fans are working on making it possible to plug the Game Boy into an HDTV.

Sonic 3 Complete Sega Genesis Knuckles retro

Game Hack: Sonic 3 Complete Fixes Sonic and Knuckles Misleading Level Order and More

Okay, who reading this has played Sonic 3 and also tried the first, and only, lock-on cartridge add-on known as Sonic and Knuckles? Did you notice anything weird between the original and the “lock-on” versions? Like missing level enemies, weird level order and even sometimes slightly confusing as to what you are doing and why you are doing it in certain levels? Sonic 3 Complete fixes that by correcting many things that Sega got wrong, including making additions that smooth out the story.

Donkey Downfall Kong Nintendo Amiga Commodore

Bandit Gaming: Donkey Downfall Released for Commodore Amiga Computers

Donkey Downfall is not an official Donkey Kong game but it uses the character and graphics style of Nintendo’s classic series. What Michael Gibs, the developer behind Donkey Downfall, has done here is create a falling game, hence the name. You control Donkey Kong and must drop down to the next platform without falling off.

Little Big Town Country Dr Mario Retro Game logo

Country Music Group Little Big Town Uses Dr Mario Style Game to Promote new Album

It is not that often that we will cover music album releases, let alone country music, here on Retro Gaming Magazine. That goes out the window when the music group in question uses a retro game for inspiration to help drive home the announcement. That is exactly what country music group, Little Big Town, have done to promote their new album which releases tomorrow. If you are good enough at Dr. Mario then you can listen to the whole album right now as you cure virus style bugs with the help of the music group (they play the part of Mario and toss the pills into the bottle).

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