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What if the Sims Were Done in the Style of Pokemon?

Interesting thought, what if the Sims were done in the style of Pokemon?  I wonder.  Well, neither you nor I have to wonder too much about it because Youtube personality, Hat-Loving Gamer, has done all of the work for us.  Hat-Loving Gamer has taken the idea behind the Sims and combined it with the world of Pokemon as it appeared on the Game Boy line of hand held devices.  It is an interesting combination and definitely is cool in execution.  Now if only we could get a ROM hacker to make this real.


Five Great Hunters in Video Games

Let’s face it, the world is full of dangerous, blood-thirsty things. In many ways, it’s a wonder humanity has survived as long as it has without being horribly murdered by the wildlife and monsters that comprise this wonderful blue ball we’re on. Few of us human beings have the guts to face the things that go bump in the night, but even fewer do so as an occupation. Today, in honor of the spookiest month of the year, let’s have a look at some of the most famous Hunters in video games. The criteria for this simple: To be classified as a Hunter, the character must be equipped and trained to deal with monsters, demons, and/or the undead in some capacity, must have a significant amount confirmed kills (or at least, enough big time kills to make a sizeable difference in the world), and must hunt these beings on a semi-regular basis. Also, for the purpose of this list, we’ll be focusing on hunters of the supernatural. Sorry, Metroid fans, Samus won’t be appearing here. That said, let’s jump right in.

Back in the 90s, this was probably the single most heart-breaking moment in gaming. Now, I'm more concerned on where everyone's mouths went.

Three Cases in How Good Games Age Poorly

The concept of age comes up an awful lot when it comes to media. When people comment on the idea of age, they usually mean how well that piece of media holds up when one revisits it, or how meaningful it is in a modern perspective. While for most other forms of media, it’s a tricky business to determine the relative endurance of a work to the rigors of time, video games provide a simultaneously easier and more difficult means of judging age. Be it mechanics, aesthetic, presentation, storyline, or even just the sound fidelity, the interactive nature of a game adds a whole new dimension to one’s introspection of it. However, due to the multifaceted nature of games, it also means that games don’t age the same ways that other media do.

Here’s three examples of great games that aged in unique–though not necessarily good–ways.

Clyde_Revenge_Atari_2600_retro_Good_Deal_Games_retrogaming (2)

Portland Retro Gaming Expo to Debut Clyde’s Revenge for Atari 2600

Another title that is going to be debuted at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo is Clyde’s Revenge for the Atari 2600.  This is another limited release by Good Deal Games and Michael Thomasson, GDG owner/founder.  What is unique about Clyde’s Revenge is, well, you are taking control of the bad guy, specifically the red ghost from the Pac-Man series of games.  Your goal in Clyde’s Revenge is to kill any would be heroes that are out to eat ghosts.  Talk about the ultimate revenge on the good guys.  Oh, your quest is not limited to just Pac-Man mazes, you are going to be traversing some pretty well known locales looking for those goody two shoes types.

Densha de Go Professional 2 Box

Revenge of the License: Densha de Go! Series

Here’s a new twist for this column. Instead of looking at a game that takes its inspiration from a comic, film, television show, cartoon, or book, today I’m going to look at a series which licenses its game play from the best source on Earth: real life. In this case, miles and miles of railroad track laid out all over (and in some cases under) Japan served as the inspiration for the long-running Densha de Go! series, which started in arcades but quickly aimed to bring the experience home. All it required was for developer Taito to go out and record dozens of real trains operating on actual lines, adopt the real rules and laws of the Japanese rail system, along with the physics of the various train types, set it in realistically-rendered locations, pop in some random inclement weather, then convince players to pay real yen for the opportunity to do a job others get paid real yen to do in the physical world. Let it never be said Taito wasn’t up for a challenge.

god of war nes 1

Retro Consoles Untapped Marketing Avenue for Modern Games

It is getting harder and harder for modern game publishers to get their games in the hands of players, er on their consoles/computers is more like it but you get the point.  To get current generation games into the psyche of players is not so easy anymore- traditional advertising has proven less and less viable (when is the last time you saw a commercial for a game or a full page magazine ad for anything but a AAA title?).  When the team behind Volgarr the Viking allowed third party indie development of a Sega Dreamcast port I am sure they didn’t realize they were potentially creating a new advertising avenue for everyone.  See, they also allowed the Sega Dreamcast version of Volgarr the Viking to be given away for free, simply download and burn it.  How awesome is that?  If this proves successful, we might see others doing it, and not just for the Sega Dreamcast (though I am COMPLETELY cool with it if they at least kept Sega’s last console in mind).


10 Classics that Let You Build Your Own Levels before Super Mario Maker

To say Super Mario Maker is a smash hit release is quite an understatement.  The 2D sandbox game had reached a million units sold worldwide in about 20 days, according to reports.  This is interesting considering the hell Nintendo constantly gets for the Wii U, something that goes back to the Nintendo 64 days and has plagued every console by Nintendo since then.  That is a lack of third party support.  Nintendo has proven that, while third party titles are great, gamers will still buy their first party releases as they continue down a road less traveled, a road that Nintendo seemingly is the only company that knows about.  With Super Mario Maker, Nintendo continued their trek down that road.  This time finding success by giving gamers the power to make their own 2D Mario adventures.  Could this have been spurred by the popularity of level editors for classic games?  We may never know what spurred Nintendo to release Super Mario Maker but I do know about ten other games that featured level editors that allowed you to create all new adventures using assets in the game.


Sega Dreamcast Receives New Puzzle Game- Fruit’Y, not a Bejeweled Clone

Okay, I like Match 3 games more than most gamers out there- my phone has at least two installed at any given time.  There is a point though that we reach (well, reached years ago) where innovation is stifled and EVERYONE jumps on the latest bandwagon that worked for someone else.  I can safely say though, Fruit’Y is not a Bejeweled clone so anyone thinking that can safely set those concerns aside (it took me several minutes myself).  What we have in Fruit’Y is a new style of puzzle game that uses a similar look to that of Columns, Tetris and many Bejeweled clones.  There are two pits with items in them, here it is fruit, but that is where the similarities to other puzzle games end.  Fruit’Y is so much more.


Portland Retro Gaming Expo to Debut The Realm of No! A Text Adventure for Atari 2600

It is well known that the Atari 2600 was strictly a gaming console, there were no accessories like a full keyboard or disk drive released for it.  That is not stopping Michael Thomasson and his company, Good Deal Games, from releasing a full text based adventure title on Atari’s classic console.  Fans of Choose Your Own Adventure books will be right at home with The Realm of No! when it debuts at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo later this month.


Real3DOPlayer Brings Full Speed 3DO Emulation to Android

Ah, the 3DO, a console that will forever be remembered as either a system ahead of its time or just an oddity released between the SNES and Playstation.  No matter what you think of the 3DO, it was still an interesting system that went places that many gaming companies simply refused (though Sega and Atari did dabble here and there in the past).  One thing is for sure, 3DO consoles are still crazy expensive, especially for “just an oddity”, on Ebay and the good games are not cheap either (yes, there were more than one good game on this console- see here).  Well, an Android developer has recently released an emulator for the 3DO Multimedia Multiplayer on Android called Real3DOPlayer.

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