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Strange Games From the East: Homeland

Did you ever play Phantasy Star Online series on the GameCube? If you did, then you’ll perhaps be aware of their infamy as the only GameCube titles to use the broadband capabilities of the console. But what if I told you that this is not true? That a different title outside the PSO series exists, not only capable of using the GameCubes online capabilities, but also of using the console as a server itself. What if I told you that this game is titled Homeland? An extremely unique title for the GameCube, published and developed by Chunsoft. The same Chunsoft who created the first five games of the Dragon Quest series. Now you might be asking yourself, with a pedigree like that, how come almost nobody knows about Homeland?

Metal Man Remixed for ZX Spectrum Now Available as Free Download

Metal Man Remixed was initially developed for the ZX Spectrum as one of the reward options in the Kickstarter campaign for the ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium art book in 2015. The game’s developer, Oleg Origin, has now made the game available as a free download–so now you have no excuse to play this fantastic 8-bit game.

NBA Jam 2K17 Features Updated Roster Including Political and Additional NBA Stars

Fans of the NBA Jam series already know that this series liked to poke fun at not only the NBA but real life also. The pokes at the NBA are easily seen from literally having the character catch fire and the announcer claim “he is on fire,” and other literal representations. The original NBA Jam did not shy away from politics either. Neither does this fan hack of the Super Nintendo release, renamed NBA Jam 2K17.

Strange Games from the East: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Ace Pilot

Few series in the world have been as long lived as Mobile Suit Gundam. The epic space opera between the Earth Federation Forces and The Principality of Zeon. Theirs is a battle that will last an eternity, and is one that few anime fans haven’t at least heard in passing. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Ace Pilot was released in 2004 by Bandai on the Nintendo GameCube. The Ace Pilot promises all of the excitement, hardships, and experiences of being a gundam, packaged in a tiny GameCube disc. Did it keep its promise? Yes it did, but only if you consider the fact that being a gundam pilot involves an insane amount of difficulty and stress. But regardless of stress, and how challenging The Ace Pilot is, why did we never see a release in the West? Could Bandai have thought it was too challenging for us in the western hemisphere?

Nintendo Switch Shipped Early to Fan, Interface Shown off (Yeah, We Are Getting Excited over the User Interface)

The Nintendo Switch is quite a platform. I call it a platform because it is both a handheld and a home console, depending on how you are playing it. Nintendo is seemingly going in two directions here and it is setting the gaming world on fire. Well, the Switch is not yet available to fans (that comes in early March) but one lucky fan got his unit early–by about two weeks. What else do you do when you get something like this? Make a video showing off the user interface, of course.

Sega 32X Running on Nintendo NES Classic Mini Console

Okay, the Nintendo Classic Mini is getting more and more interesting. Hackers recently figured out how to add more games which was cool. Then we saw hackers showing off how to get even more games on the thing (shattering previously thought limitations of memory). Now we have a video of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini running games from one of Nintendo’s biggest competitors.

Unholy Night SNES Fighting

Unholy Night for Super Nintendo Unleashed on Kickstarter

Late last year we covered this little game called Unholy Night. For those that do not know, or don’t want to click that link and read up on it, this is a new Super Nintendo (Super Famicom in Japan) fighting game. Similar to classics such as Fatal Fury and Street Fighter II, Unholy Night is a one-on-one fighting game. That is not what makes this new game so interesting though.

X-Men Sega Genesis

Five Best Sega Genesis Comics Games (Yes, Batman Is #1)

When doing a list like this, it is hard to come up with a number one game that has not been on top everywhere already. Batman holds the #1 spot here, again, so if you think you know the whole list already, scroll by. For the rest of you, there are some good games on this list that prove licensed games don’t have to suck. I am keeping this one to comics licensed games so that there is a bit of a limitation to the series and is not an all time best Sega Genesis games by any means. 

Three Reasons Why Nintendo Keeps Running out of Stock

Does anyone here remember the Wii craze in 2006 when there were severe shortages of consoles in all retailers? How about the Amiibo frenzy of 2014 when Nintendo kept running out of specific figurines? How about the most recent NES Classic fiasco in which Nintendo, once again, fails to meet supply and demand? It appears that despite their claims otherwise, Nintendo never seems to fulfill their promises of ensuring a readily available stock for hot new items. While some of us ask ourselves, c’mon Nintendo don’t you want our money? In the meanwhile, Nintendo is patting itself on the back, and laughing as their minimal product flies of the shelves. You might not believe it, though, as it’s strange for any company to be happy about missing out on potential sales.  There is however, a certain method to Nintendo’s madness.

8-Bit Civilizations Commodore 64

Civilization Coming to Commodore 64 in 8-Bit Civilizations

When Sid Meier finished the first Civilization I have to wonder, did he ever entertain the thought of porting it to the Commodore 64? No matter, as developer Fabian Hertel is doing just that, well close anyhow, with 8-Bit Civilizations. This is one of those head scratching releases that you think simply won’t work. The thing is, it does.

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