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The Revenge of Shinobi Slices up the Competition – Today in Retro Gaming – December 2, 1989

Sega’s original Shinobi first appeared in the Arcades back in 1987. With its well designed multidirectional side-scrolling levels, varied enemy characters, end of level guardians, Ninjitsu special magic move, and general smooth gameplay, the game became a huge hit. The game was soon ported over to many home platforms, including Sega’s own Master System console, but did not make it over to the Sega Genesis. The reason for this was that Sega were already working on a Sega Genesis game that would serve as a follow up to the arcade hit: The Revenge of Shinobi.


Lala The Magical Arrives on the Nintendo Entertainment System

Back in 2010, The Mojon Twins released a cute little platform game called Lala Prologue on their long favored 8-bit computers, the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. Now, the twins have worked their magic, renamed the game slightly to Lala The Magical, and converted it to the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Retro Games are Making a Comeback

No matter how many unique weapons, complex objectives, intricate storylines, or virtual acres of free-roaming space are available in these new-fangled state-of-the-art console epics, sometimes you just need to take it back to the simplicity of old-school games.


Interview – Marian Cerman Creator of A Little Less Desperation

How do you set your new adventure game apart from the hundreds of other similar games? One way is the story and that is where A Little Less Desperation stands quite tall against the competition. I won’t ruin the fun for you. Suffice to say, if you have not secured your copy of A Little Less Desperation yet, you still have time to pledge on the Kickstarter. Interview after the jump.

"Pac Man - Yellow Ghost" (CC BY 2.0) by Andrew Beeston

New Ways to Play Retro Games

One of the unexpected benefits of the last few console generations is that remasters of titles like Jordan Mechner’s 1989 classic, Prince of Persia, and surreal masterpiece, Another World (1991), have propelled retrogaming back into the mainstream consciousness, alongside big budget titles like Fallout 4 and Doom.

Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-Traction

PlayStation Agony, Part 2: PowerPuff Girls Chemical X-Traction

Having survived the wretchedness that was The Simpsons Wrestling last week, I reached into the bag to discover what new form of torment my punishment would take this Sunday. I’d keep a positive attitude about this, but when Carl, my boss, picks the topic of discussion I can only be positive he’s gone out of his way to be a fart-blasting dong weasel. Nevertheless I have a choice: I can write about one of these games or I can go without Pop Tarts for the next seven days. One of those is too awful to contemplate, ergo you all get to read about The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction. Wait a minute, a Powerpuff Girls game? That’s a cool show. Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought…

[half an hour later]

Never mind. It was in the bag for a reason.

Super Thundercats

Bandit Gaming – Super Thundercats – The Lost Eye of Thundera

Retrogaming fans are nothing if not persistent. While companies usually do the best they can, fans often take things just a few steps farther. Take Super Thundercats: The Lost Eye of Thundera, for example. This is a remake of a game from 1987 (various computer platforms) and it is a 2D side scrolling action adventure game. Why am I pointing out that? Because Super Thundercats: The Lost Eye of Thundera is using the OpenBOR (Beats of Rage) engine to power things.

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Expands the Sonic Universe – Today in Retro Gaming – November 26th, 1993

It is not all that often that we see two competing companies licensing the same game from overseas. That is exactly what happened between Sega and Nintendo when they licensed the Puyo Puyo game from Compile. Nintendo released Kirby’s Avalanche on the Super Nintendo and Sega released this game, Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, on their Sega Genesis console. Fans of this particular puzzle genre finally didn’t have to buy the competing console to enjoy it. The characters contained within, though, were another story.

Star Fox PicoFox Pico-8

Bandit Gaming – Star Fox Ported to Pico-8 Named PicoFox

Another classic Nintendo franchise that doesn’t get a lot of love is Star Fox. A fan has ported the game to the Pico-8 gaming hand held under the name of PicoFox. What is amazing is how closely PicoFox is to the Super Nintendo original. 8-bit never looked so good.

Super Mario Bros Amstrad CPC 464

Bandit Gaming – Super Mario Bros Being Ported to Amstrad CPC 464

Nintendo has been on a roll with the legal action against fans for using their properties this year. We have seen them take down more than a couple of fan projects running the gamut of Pokemon to Metroid. While there is no indication that Nintendo will take action against the developer of this Super Mario Bros port to the Amstrad CPC464, it is more than likely. At the moment this port is a work in progress but shows tons of progress already.

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