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Jake Pawloski Interview – Griff the Winged Lion by Breakerbox Studios


To say that I am excited for Griff the Winged Lion is about right.  This is a new 3D action platform title by Breakerbox Studios that is currently on Kickstarter.  Now, when checking out the video you will quickly realize that this team has huge respect for Spyro the Dragon on the original Playstation.  I won’t keep you any longer- the interview is after the jump. Read more »

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Wing Commander Brings Cinematic Space Battles to PC Players – Today in Retro Gaming – September 26th, 1990


To say Origin was ahead of their time is quite an understatement.  It is almost pointless to bring that back up, at least for retro gamers that were gaming around the “Origin Era” on PC’s.  For everyone else, Origin was this development company that was doing stuff gamers only dreamed of.  Take Wing Commander for instance, it was released in 1990 and was basically World War II in space and gamers ate it up.  There was an actual story told in the game with animated cut scenes that were on topic.  For the most part, previous attempts at this style of storytelling was left in the manuals and only sparsely shown on screen with static images of low quality.  Origin went above and beyond this by having the cut scenes actually related to what was going on.  Then there is the actual gameplay to keep early adopters interested. Read more »

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Carl Mixon Interview – Global Game Gear Protective Cases

Recently I covered a new protective sleeve for the Atari 2600 line of cartridges.  For those that do not know, the Atari 2600 library has never shipped with any kind of protective sleeve (at least none I am aware of).  Global Game Gear has created a solution to protect the fantastic artwork that many Atari 2600/7800 games featured along with protecting the sensitive game connectors that are often exposed to the elements.  This is an ideal solution for collectors and game stores too (nothing says collectible more than a protective sleeve for the cartridge).  Anyhow, I got a chance to talk with Carl Mixon, the man behind Global Game Gear and that interview is available after the jump.  Enjoy!

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Ultima Online Brings Britannia to the Internet – Today in History – September 24th, 1997


Ultima Online brought the world that Richard Garriott started a decade and a half prior to the Internet.  While not the first massively multiplayer online role playing game, Ultima Online was one of the earliest success stories of the genre.  This game brought this new genre to the forefront.  UO put MMORPG’s in front of gamers in a big way.  Not everything that was in Ultima Online staid though as some stuff was removed but did you, as a fan, notice it? Read more »

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Review – Retroid Nintendo Game Boy Homebrew


Out of all of the games that we see receive fan homages regularly one genre seems to be forgotten just as often.  That is the Arkanoid style brick breaker game, also known as Breakout.  Well, the developers behind Retroid for the Nintendo Game Boy certainly remember those two classics.  Sure, the Game Boy already received a really good version called Alleyway (which featured Mario on the box).  Independent homebrew developers to the rescue. Read more »

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Bandit Gaming – Gradius Sees ColecoVision Release by AtariAge


Gradius is one of the iconic side scrolling shooting games that Konami kind of dropped the ball on repeatedly over the years.  Sure, there were over 15 releases in the series across many platforms but the last, swan song if you will, released in 2011 was a pachislot game.  What a shame, Konami.  What a shame.  Anyhow, fans are fans and the ones over at Opcode games are completing their port of Gradius to the ColecoVision console- it appeared in the AtariAge store earlier this month and is apparently on track for release.  You will need more than just a ColecoVision if you are planning on playing Gradius upon release. Read more »

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Sega Genesis Receives Space Rush 3 Update, Work in Progress Independent Homebrew 2D Run and Gun


The Sega Genesis is one of those consoles that was built with pretty much off the shelf parts.  At least early on (before Sega revised the hardware a bit) there was no real copy protection.  When released over 20 years ago, it was just too expensive to get into independent development for the Genesis (those that wanted to usually just stayed with the computer cousin, the Commodore Amiga).  In the last couple of decades though, that high barrier to entry for independent homebrew developers has dropped, considerably.  One such proof of concept of that is Space Rush 3 by Youtube user “Childish Idea”.  While not perfect and certainly no threat to Contra Hardcorps, Space Rush 3 is still interesting. Read more »

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Wonder Boy Returns Relaunches Classic Franchise on Steam for Windows


Okay, hang with me here.  The Wonder Boy series has been around the world many times over, especially during the 16-Bit era.  Most notably to North American gamers this game is familiar under a couple of names.  One is Monster Lair for the Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM, which not a lot of gamers shelled out the cash for the hardware to push it.  That leaves another, more, notable option many will probably remember- Adventure Island by Hudson Soft.  You see, the Wonder Boy games have a weird licensing agreement in place (Sega owns the rights to the name “Wonder Boy” but not the actual game in case you are wondering).  Wonder Boy Returns brings all of the necessary licenses together to possibly become a seminal release on Steam for Windows. Read more »

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Interview with Mikhail Belov of SNK Games Developer of Space Rangers Quest


Text adventure games are hard to come by nowadays.  Gamers have evolved beyond reading a lot, preferring better graphics and audio to assist their imaginations.  For some of use though, the imagination is still the best graphics.  Anyhow, Space Rangers Quest is one such new text adventure developed by SNK Games and published by 1C Company.  Our review was published just over a week ago and now we bring you an interview with Mikhail Belov, the man behind Space Rangers Quest. Read more »

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DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours Add Two New DLC packs and Playstation 4 Physical Release Announced


Side scrolling shooters were once the cream of the crop.  Man, I remember playing Gaiares, Thunder Force III and IV etc on the Sega Genesis and loving it.  Back in the day I was pretty good at side scrolling shooters- today not so much.  I call it age rot or whatever but I still give these types of games a run through when a chance arises.  Well, DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours is one of those titles that I will have to keep an eye on as some really cool downloadable content has been, will soon be, released.  There is even a physical version coming for the Sony Playstation 4 console. Read more »

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