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Shadow of the Colossus Atari 2600 retrogaming retro game Atari Age Bandit Gaming (3)

Bandit Gaming: Shadow of the Colossus for Atari 2600 Work in Progress

We have covered wild works in progress and the like for various consoles since we started RGM.  One of the more interesting ones was Mario 64 getting ported to the Atari 2600, of all consoles.  Interestingly, we have found an even wilder work in progress title, Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus which is currently a Work in Progress (WiP) for the Atari 2600.  My question is, why are all of these titles, no matter how bad they will probably be due to limited hardware, getting released for the Atari 2600?  Anyhow, read on for pics and more information on Shadow of the Colossus on the Atari 2600 as it currently stands.

Speedball Commodore 64 retro retrogaming game future sport

Review: Speedball for the Commodore 64 – Knock in Teeth and Score

It feels like yesterday Y2k bugs were going to shut down and cripple the entire world as we knew it but it never happened and yet a short fast forward ahead and we find ourselves in the year 2030 and the life  and pastimes that we once knew and loved have been completely futurised…

Welcome to Speedball, a mix of rugby, hockey and football and add a steel speedball with a mind of it’s own.  The most futuristic and violent sport the world has ever seen. No more namby pamby rules for sports, anything goes in 2030, the population want action, they want aggression, they want heart pulsing no questions asked slamming and whamming and they want to see goals, goals, goals scored and they want no interference from the refs!

Uwol  Quest for Money_Aug30 3_07_43

New Game – UWOL Quest for Money Coming to Colecovision, Cartridge Inbound

Uwol the Quest for Money has hit most of the major retrogaming platforms from the Sega Genesis to the Super Nintendo.  Now, thanks to Atari Age member Alekmaul, Uwol is coming to the Colecovision platform.  This will mark yet another Colecovision cartridge release planned for 2015, which is quickly turning into a potentially expensive year for retro fans.

Megamania Activision Atari 2600 retrogaming retro game classic shooter (4)

Review: Megamania for Atari 2600

If I ever wondered why I love retro and retro video gaming, it’s when you pick up a game and read things like this “If you think Megamania is just another space game, you’re dreaming.  And that dream will become a nightmare.  A space nightmare.  So, prepare yourself for one of the most unreal experiences you’ll ever encounter.”

Now, come on tell me after reading that description, that it’s not retro cool. And it gets a little more retro cool, which i will touch on a bit further down. 

Last Ninja 2 Konix Multisystem Commodore 64 version retro retrogaming (2)

Prototype: Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem Found, Preservation Status Poor

The Konix Multisystem was quite a beast, had it been released, that could have at least been an interesting purchase for gamers.  The biggest draw of this vaporware platform is that it would contain nearly every conceivable accessory that you could think of inside and ready for use.  Yeah, not a big thing to hitch your publicity wagon to but it was what Konix was going for.  The stills we saw in gaming magazines back in the day were not impressive and the press generally flogged the Konix Multisystem for this.  A few years ago Attack of the Mutant Camels by Jeff Minter was found, and more recently a version of Last Ninja 2 was discovered.

switchblade waste land and underground collecting items

Review: Switchblade for the CPC Gaming Computer

For 10,000 years he slept.  His mind feeding on the nightmares of the weak. Now he has awakened, as the night bled crimson the fireblade shattered and its power died.  Then the slaughter began.  They never thought he would return.  Now HAVOK reigns the under city. I am Hiro, the last of the bladeknights, I must rebuild the fireblade and bring the dawn…

Independence Day cover art

Revenge of the License: Independence Day

I’ve never met anybody who considers “Independence Day” a cinematic paragon of storytelling. Since Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich have no aspirations beyond ‘making a popcorn flick to fill seats with butts’, this doesn’t bother me. Yes there are plot holes which Godzilla could stomp through without problems. But at the end of the day seats were filled with butts, and those butts wanted to watch Will Smith fly planes, Data get mind-violated by E.T.’s ugly cousin, and Randy Quaid babble incoherently. Let’s be honest: if Jeff Goldblum could write a virus capable of wrecking havoc with an alien computer system, it shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for Radical Entertainment to deliver a serviceable game based on the property, right?

Yeah… About that…

Sony Pocketstation

New Game: Snake Comes to the Sony PocketStation

Ah, the PocketStation from Sony, a device that never came to North America, at least officially.  Sure, you could import this little device but it was prohibitively expensive and there were precious few games that made the leap across the pond with their PocketStation content intact.  Homebrew developers are a wild bunch, they just won’t take “your platform is dead” for an answer and keep plugging away at new games for old platforms.  The PocketStation is no different as we are now seeing Worm make the jump to the little Sony hand held.

Flappy Bird Type in Program ZX Spectrum retro retrogaming game (2)

Type in Program- Flappy Bird for ZX Spectrum Available in Old School Method

The old days of gaming on computers was all about typing in programs out of magazines such as Ahoy, Compute! and Compute!’s Gazette to name a couple I am very fond of myself.  These magazines are a thing of the past but their legacy lives on, history repeats itself, etc.  These were programs that other homebrew developers have written and submitted for print so that others could see the inner workings of their computers.  Now, we have a new Type in Program available for the ZX Spectrum.

Hyperion 4

New Game- HYPERION to Bring Metroid Style Gaming to the Commodore 64

There is no doubt that Metroid has been a success story for Nintendo over the years.  There are only a couple of Nintendo platforms that have not received a Metroid game, one of those platforms was a certified commercial failure and the other struggled against the competition- coincidence? I don’t think so, Metroid is a popular franchise and with any decent amount of popularity will come imitators.  HYPERION is one such title that shares a lot in common with Metroid.  This game is also coming out on the Commodore 64, to be released by Psytronik and RGCD later this year.

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