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10 Classics that Let You Build Your Own Levels before Super Mario Maker

To say Super Mario Maker is a smash hit release is quite an understatement.  The 2D sandbox game had reached a million units sold worldwide in about 20 days, according to reports.  This is interesting considering the hell Nintendo constantly gets for the Wii U, something that goes back to the Nintendo 64 days and has plagued every console by Nintendo since then.  That is a lack of third party support.  Nintendo has proven that, while third party titles are great, gamers will still buy their first party releases as they continue down a road less traveled, a road that Nintendo seemingly is the only company that knows about.  With Super Mario Maker, Nintendo continued their trek down that road.  This time finding success by giving gamers the power to make their own 2D Mario adventures.  Could this have been spurred by the popularity of level editors for classic games?  We may never know what spurred Nintendo to release Super Mario Maker but I do know about ten other games that featured level editors that allowed you to create all new adventures using assets in the game.


Sega Dreamcast Receives New Puzzle Game- Fruit’Y, not a Bejeweled Clone

Okay, I like Match 3 games more than most gamers out there- my phone has at least two installed at any given time.  There is a point though that we reach (well, reached years ago) where innovation is stifled and EVERYONE jumps on the latest bandwagon that worked for someone else.  I can safely say though, Fruit’Y is not a Bejeweled clone so anyone thinking that can safely set those concerns aside (it took me several minutes myself).  What we have in Fruit’Y is a new style of puzzle game that uses a similar look to that of Columns, Tetris and many Bejeweled clones.  There are two pits with items in them, here it is fruit, but that is where the similarities to other puzzle games end.  Fruit’Y is so much more.


Portland Retro Gaming Expo to Debut The Realm of No! A Text Adventure for Atari 2600

It is well known that the Atari 2600 was strictly a gaming console, there were no accessories like a full keyboard or disk drive released for it.  That is not stopping Michael Thomasson and his company, Good Deal Games, from releasing a full text based adventure title on Atari’s classic console.  Fans of Choose Your Own Adventure books will be right at home with The Realm of No! when it debuts at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo later this month.


Real3DOPlayer Brings Full Speed 3DO Emulation to Android

Ah, the 3DO, a console that will forever be remembered as either a system ahead of its time or just an oddity released between the SNES and Playstation.  No matter what you think of the 3DO, it was still an interesting system that went places that many gaming companies simply refused (though Sega and Atari did dabble here and there in the past).  One thing is for sure, 3DO consoles are still crazy expensive, especially for “just an oddity”, on Ebay and the good games are not cheap either (yes, there were more than one good game on this console- see here).  Well, an Android developer has recently released an emulator for the 3DO Multimedia Multiplayer on Android called Real3DOPlayer.

Rockbot_PSP_Mega_Man_Upperland (3)

Rockbot Review, Fanmade Mega Man Game Rocks

Okay, it is pretty clear that Capcom are transitioning down with their new IPs and rebooting of classic titles.  That is bad news for everyone but Street Fighter fans, which apparently writes checks in its sleep.  Well, there is a dedicated group of fans that are not content with letting Capcom’s blue bomber sit idly by, at least not his style of game.  I played Rockbot on my PSP 3000 so this review will focus on that version.  There are other ports available from the Upperland website though so head over and see what they have.

F1 Pole Position 64 box

Today in Retro Gaming: F1 Pole Position 64

There’s something to be said for coming in first. While people remember who won a given race, ask them who came in second and they’ll either have to think about it for a minute or else admit they don’t know. When it comes to sports, the gold medal might as well be everything and second place, as the saying goes, is nothing more than the first loser. Yeah, first place is pretty darn awesome. That said, there are times when it might be better to come in second, or even third. And after the release of F1 Pole Position 64 on the Nintendo 64 today in 1997, gamers were in agreement. In this case, being first to the checkered flag was nothing to write home about.

Anna_Fuda_Project_Eden_Contra_Collectorvision_Xbox_Playstation (3)

Anna Fuda Project: Eden, New Run and Gun from Collectorvision Coming to Next Gen Systems

Collectorvision Games have been steadily keeping their collective heads pointed forward over the years.  Even though the RETRO VGS is currently regrouping (Collectorvision were making the pack-in title), Collectorvision are continuing work on another 2D side scrolling action game, Anna Fuda Project: Eden.  Jean-Francois Dupuis, owner of Collectorvision Games, released some very basic information on Anna Fuda Project: Eden on his Facebook page earlier this evening.  Jean-Francois cited several next generation platforms that they will be targeting for Anna Fuda Project Eden.

Volgarr_Viking_Carazy_Studios_Dreamcast_Sega_Port (1)

Volgarr the Viking Ported to Sega Dreamcast, Released for Free with Permission

Volgarr the Viking is a newer 2D side scrolling action adventure for Microsoft’s Xbox and Steam, well it was released almost a year ago but that is still newer than Rygar or Ghouls n Ghosts, right?  I mention those two classics because it is quite clear that Volgarr the Viking is taking, at least, visual inspiration from those games.  Gamers that take the challenge of Volgar up will be met with some quite detailed sprites that are just a hair better than what we saw on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis as we reached the end of those consoles lifespans.  In my previous article, I mentioned that there were many gameplay elements shared with classic titles such as Strider, Rygar, Ghouls n Ghosts and more.  I have not played this Dreamcast port yet so I cannot comment on how it plays but judging by the media made available, it is spot on to what Xbox and Steam gamers have been enjoying.


Alice Dreams Tournament Hits Kickstarter, Successfully Funded Already after Two Days

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Sega Dreamcast console.  It was Sega’s final console which was sad but it is fitting, it is an awesome system.  It is almost like Sega knew they were going to fail so they intentionally left it almost, completely, open to homebrew developers.  Think about it, what better way to say thank you to the gaming community than to exit leaving something like the Dreamcast as your swan song?  Why am I talking about this stuff?  Because had Sega locked down the Dreamcast like Sony and Microsoft do, I wouldn’t be here telling you about Alice Dreams Tournament.  Alice Team have just put it up on Kickstarter and it is ALREADY funded and still has 28 days, of a 30 day Kickstarter, left to gather funding.


RGM Interview with RETRO VGS Team (unofficial copy from audio interview)

We have covered the RETRO Video Game System for some time here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  What began life as a $99 classic styled console has morphed in a $300+ gaming monster that has the potential be your final “retro” console purchase, if its IndieGoGo campaign is successful.  The last few months have seen many revelations involving this new machine: we’ve seen interviews on Youtube with Gamester81 and others, we’ve heard several podcasts podcasts (here and here) and now, we present a “loose” copy of our own interview with the RETRO Video Game System team.  “Loose” because this is by no means simply pull-quotes from Mike Kennedy (PR and founder of RETRO), John Carlsen (hardware) and Steve Woita (game development).  Due to Skype dropouts and occasional audio glitches, there are times we’ve resorted to paraphrasing and simply giving it our best guess as to what was actually said.  Where things are garbled or require additional information, we have offset the related text with brackets [like this, as is standard for the industry].  This interview is available in three formats: video on Youtube, MP3 audio, and this text format.  Why go the extra mile? Simple: this is a labor of love for you, our readers, who have shown immense support for our coverage of the RETRO VGS since Carl first began writing about the system. Without that support, we couldn’t have afforded to spend over 20 hours across five days copying text, adding hyperlinks, and offering three separate formats. We want this interview attainable by anyone wishing to read it, listen to it or ‘watch’ on Youtube  (our original intent was to have tons of pics in the video but due to time constraints, that wasn’t feasible).  The RETRO VGS is a polarizing announcement, one that quickly divided the “retro” community into two camps: either for it or against it. Few people claim complete impartiality to this new system. We had many Skype issues due to it being around five to six pm in California where the RVGS team was located so we ask you to please bear with us on this.  The audio is available, embedded below, with the Youtube version linked for those that wish to listen along.  Now: on to the interview!

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