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Review – Sam Mallard Case of the Missing Swan for the ZX Spectrum


Text adventures and I go way back.  From classics like Zork to The Hobbit to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I have enjoyed text adventures for almost three decades now.  Then came the graphical text adventure which The Hobbit could be viewed as an early precursor of, and it was only getting better in my eyes.  One of the best, well for me at least, graphical text adventures was Déjà vu and UnInvited (I played both on the Nintendo Entertainment System).  Sam Mallard – The Case of the Missing Swan falls into this category along with another classic- Snatcher.  What is cool about Sam Mallard is it is a new ZX Spectrum game and it is available for free. Read more »

Best Retro Games of 2016


With each year passing, video games become more and more expensive. What’s worse is that instead of selling them as a whole package, video game publishers sell them in different smaller packages trying to make a profit and bleed the players’ wallets. Read more »

Super Mario Kart Becomes Hyper Street Kart Thanks to Fans

Hyper Street Kart

As far as I know, there is one genre that Capcom never took their popular Street Fighter II series of games – kart racing.  They have been involved in puzzle games, fighting games of course, and even a crappy live action movie and plenty of anime stuff.  Not kart racing for some reason though.  Thanks to some fans that have some artistic abilities we can now experience Street Fighter II mashed up with Super Mario Kart in Hyper Street Kart for the Super Nintendo. Read more »

The New Nintendo Classic Console Previewed



You’ve probably already heard that the classic Nintendo console has returned. The new NES is practically the same in design, but only cuter than before. It’s called NES Classic Mini and it’s the official relaunch containing 30 classic hits and most loved 80s games ever. Read more »

Second Dimension Responds, Raises More Questions on Shaky Kickstarter for Socks the Cat

Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill

In my previous article on this situation I brought up concerns that I gained after inquiring on the legal situation of Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill for the Super Nintendo.  This unreleased game has just surfaced on Kickstarter under the “Second Dimension” account so I contacted them late last week to inquire on the situation.  I was met with responses to the tune of they can’t reply due to “privacy policy” replies.  Earlier today, I had a rather public “discussion” with someone named Adam Welch who claims to be the owner of Second Dimension games (the planned publisher of Socks the Cat).  Now, there are a few things that need mention but that comes after the jump- trust me, you will want to read this. Read more »

The Best Retro Casino Games of All Time


The video games of the past are very humble compared to those today. With every brand new game released with HD graphics and high-definition gameplay, there is one retro game that goes into cult status. Read more »

Kickstarter Beware – Socks the Cat Super Nintendo

Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill

First of all, I am a big fan of rescueware- the process of taking an old abandoned game, getting the rights to it and either finishing it or fixing it and then releasing it for fans to enjoy.  When I first heard about someone apparently launching a Kickstarter campaign to release Socks the Cat on Super Nintendo, I was excited.  I contacted them to request some basic information on the situation (basic journalism fact checking) and was only met with stone walling and lack of response other than references to some “strategic” process they have in place.  This raised my eye brows and spurred me to dig deeper into their Kickstarter campaign details and to wonder what is really going on here.  This is my first “Kickstarter Beware” article.

I do want to say, they recommend Kickstarter readers to “google the game” and see the commotion over it.  So I did. Read more »

Sega CD Atmospheric Gaming You Forgot About


The Sega CD was one of those expensive add-ons that were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  This add-on brought cutting edge CD technology to the Sega Genesis fans and then hampered it with 64 colors on screen at any given time (but it added rotation and scaling capabilities that the Super Nintendo had out of the box).  The Sega CD did go on to have some really great Halloween style games see the light of day.  We have collected the best atmospheric games here for you all in one article. Read more »

Gamers Futilely Shoot Duck Hunt Dog on Nintendo NES – Today in Retro Gaming – October 18th, 1985


The Nintendo Entertainment System was known for a lot of things- one of which was the light gun zapper.  The game that really showed the interaction of the zapper was Duck Hunt which featured a couple of different game modes.  The game mode most gamers probably remember is the one the game is named after, hunting ducks.  Who reading this has NOT tried to shoot that smarty pants dog after missing both ducks in a round? Read more »

Revenge of the License: Alien Trilogy

Alien Trilogy box

One of iD Software’s initial ideas for Doom was to make a first-person shooter set in the world of James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’. When a licensing deal couldn’t be worked out between iD and 20th Century Fox, Carmack and Romero’s team fell back on a more generic ‘space marine kills everything’ setting, and an FPS classic was born. Doom sold so well iD could have easily afforded 20th Century Fox’s terms when it came time to do their next game, but iD saw no reason to drop cash on a license when their own in-house work cost them nothing extra. It didn’t take long for fans to make the connection anyway and do the hard work themselves using Doom‘s modifiable assets. Justin Fisher’s spectacular Aliens Total Conversion for Ultimate Doom gave everyone a look at what such a game might have looked like, even provoking John Carmack to publicly comment, “Aliens TC kicks ass”. Two years later, 20th Century Fox got Probe Entertainment (developers of Alien 3 across multiple systems) back on the phone and said, “Give us an Alien-themed FPS.” Probe delivered Alien Trilogy for PC, PlayStation, and Saturn in 1996.

Read more »

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