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Sheena Easton 01

Wacky Wednesday: Sheena Easton Beats Defender. Literally.

Scottish singer Sheena Easton exploded onto the pop music scene in the 1980s with a ridiculous number of back-to-back chart-topping hits, went on to record with some of the biggest names in music of the day (including Kenny Rogers and Prince), performed the title song to the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”, and racked up literally infinitely more Grammy nominations and wins than anyone reading this article. Given these circumstances, is it any wonder she could also kick Defender‘s ass? She, uh,  goes about it a wee bit differently than Billy Mitchell or Doris Self might have though. Make sure you’re ready for a shocking look at a forgotten 80’s song on this installment of Wacky Wednesday, then hit the jump.


Bandit Gaming- Danger Mouse to Make a Return to Gaming on the Commodore Amiga

Danger Mouse, a cartoon from the late 80’s/early 90’s is making his return to gaming thanks to AmigaPD.  This new title is a graphical text adventure title starring the British mouse and his sidekick, Penfold.  So far, this is definitely a work in progress.  It looks like the graphics are taken from stills of the television series so nostalgia will be high on this as it, hopefully, progresses through development.


New Game: Vectrex Receives Two Christmas Themed Games

Throughout gaming there have been only a few “dedicated” Christmas games released.  There was Christmas Nights on the Sega Saturn and there is a Christmas themed Jazz Jackrabbit game, I believe.  That is pretty much it.  Sure there are games that feature ice levels and the like but not too many that have a snowy, yuletide, theme.  The Vectrex, originally released in 1982 in the United States, will be receiving two new titles on Christmas Eve, named Stocking Filler and Save the Trees.

Smurfs Playstation December 14 1999 25D side scrolling action

La La La La La La with the Smurf’s on Playstation – Today in History – December 14th, 1999

The Smurfs started out as a comic strip series in 1958 in Belgium, worked their way into a full blown series based around them and their adventures.  Originally they played a secondary role in a fantasy style adventure set in the medieval times of Europe.  As time went on, the Smurfs earned their own series, more fleshed out characters and became a phenomenon across the world.  The most popular method that many people know the Smurfs is through the syndicated cartoon featuring Gargamel and Azrael as the evil characters and 99 to 102 Smurfs (depending on the season you are enjoying).  Games came for the small blue puffballs.  They have had games on Colecovision in the early days on up to a Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis adventure and this one, The Smurfs for the original Playstation.  While subsequent games based on the Belgium children’s license have been all over the board from dancing to racing, this one sticks to the roots of the series as an action game.

Paws Box Art

Revenge of the License: Paws

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets as a stray… (cue ominous music) There’s nowhere to run! There’s nowhere to hide! Your enemies feel no pity, no remorse, no fear, and no desire to stop until you are dead. If you were alone, maybe you could escape. But ten innocent lives depend on your ability to skulk through the shadows, fight tooth and nail unto the brink of exhaustion, and drag them home to safety. So what’s it going to be, gamer? Are you man, or are you mouse? Trick question: you are neither. In Paws for the ZX Spectrum you can proudly declare, “I am kitty–hear me purr!”






Game Hack: Castlevania 2 Hacked to Become Pyronaut on Nintendo Entertainment System

We have not covered a lot of new Nintendo Entertainment System games lately so here is a good one to kick things off again.  Pyronaut by Optomon, featuring graphics by M-Tee is a 2D side scrolling action shooter in the style of Konami’s Contra which is sort of fitting since the developer is using Castlevania 2 as the base engine for this hack.  Everything has been changed in Pyronaut, you will be hard pressed to see anything that reveals the roots of the game engine.

Castle Raider Acorn Electron BBC Micro retro computer retrogaming

New Game: Castle Raider for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro Released

We have not covered a BBC Micro or Acorn Electron game here on Retro Gaming Magazine yet.  Better sooner than later, right?  Castle Raider is a new game for both of those computer platforms that is a 2D side scrolling action platform game tasking you with exploring a dark dank castle that is full of traps, enemies and treasures. 

Snatcher MSX2 December 13th 1988 retro digital comic visual novel retrogaming

Become a JUNKER in Neo Kobe City with Snatcher – Today in History – December 13th 1988

Snatcher is a game that, at the time of release in North America, was one of the first of a small genre which has not progressed much in the two plus decades since.  We covered Snatcher in our second issue of Retro Gaming Magazine, along with many other worthy titles.  While visual novels/digital comics are still not a huge subgenre of the adventure category, there is still a following for them.  Today, way back in 1988 Konami released Snatcher on the MSX2 gaming computer.  What we got in North America is almost a different game than what originally hit in Japan, MSX2 versus Sega CD version at least.


Game Hack: Diablo 1 in HD Modification

Diablo, the original one, was released quite a while back, December 1996- nearly 18 years ago.  Back then, HD was not around, at least not in North America (I believe it was thriving quite well in Japan), but that has not stopped a dedicated game hacker from creating an HD version of Diablo.  Not only are the graphics updated but also things such as life, equipment, etc have been better positioned on the screen and there are new quests and locations along with new items.  This is nearly a full on total conversion.  Nearly.


Blow Your Friends Up in Super Bomberman 2 for Super Nintendo – Today in History – December 12th, 1994

There simply are not enough two, or more, player games available on retro platforms.  Sure, today gamers have online multiplayer everything from racing to shooters to role playing games.  Retro gaming fans have had to resort to actually getting in the same room with each other to battle it out (of course, there are emulators that remove that requirement).  There was no hiding behind an obscure screen name as you called out your opponent with expletives and comments that would make Quagmire on Family Guy blush.  That stuff didn’t fly because as soon as you crossed the line you probably got punched.  Why am I saying all of this stuff?  Because that is the usual result of going too far in a heated bout of Bomberman, doesn’t matter which one they all can get frantic and over the top as adrenaline starts flowing. 

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