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June- So Bad It’s Good Month

There will never be an end to games that are objectively terrible in the world of gaming. From bad design choices such as a eliminating everything which made the original great, to being an experimental game which didn’t quite execute as intended, bad games are a part of our lives. But there is one experience most gamers will not share amongst each other: the shame of having a love affair with a terrible game such as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing which is just plain awful yet somehow can provide a gamer with countless hours of nonsensical fun.


Day of the Tentacle Reminds Gamers of Maniac Mansion – Today in Retro Gaming – June 25th, 1993

Ah, Maniac Mansion- a classic point and click adventure title that was widely released, received a sequel in 1993.  The original was limited to a mansion, hence the name, and it worked oh so well.  The sequel, in an attempt to be “bigger, better and badder” did away with one single location so that it could throw even more adventuring at fans.  Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle is all about time travel, without the teenage angst that goes with it most of the time.


Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures


The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures was a strange game in the Zelda series. Four Swords Adventures was a game that utilized the convoluted method of GBA to GC connectivity which Nintendo developed. But, for those who purchased Four Swords Adventures it would be an uphill battle to find enough players. This would not be the end of the struggles for the lucky players. After all, the true enemy of Four Swords Adventures are your “friends”.

Advance Wars

Today in Gaming History: Advance Wars

The 7th game of the Nintendo’s Wars series was released 15 years ago. Aptly named Advance Wars (for the Gameboy Advance) it was the first of the trilogy which involved the Black Hole Army’s battle to conquer the world. Advance Wars was also the first one to reach the shores of the United States. To the surprise of many Gameboy Advance owners, AW turned out to be one of the gems of the little console that could. This day in gaming history we visit Advance Wars from the Nintendo Wars series.


Mighty No 9 Coming to NVIDIA Shield, Already Delayed

Okay, sure, Mighty No 9 is getting beat like a red headed stepchild by the gaming community, it is making the jump to another platform.  For those that don’t know about Mighty No 9, it is the first game by Kenji Inafune after leaving Capcom.  The sites that are saying there is a “strong” Mega Man feel are idiots.  Anyhow, for the most part, maybe fan expectations of this game are simply higher than they should have been (would they have been this excited over a new Mega Man game?).  Mighty No 9 is making the jump to the NVIDIA Shield, just it has been delayed slightly.


Pac Man 256 Hits Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Okay PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One gamers, you can now grab Pac Man 256 and enjoy it just like mobile gamers have.  That is right, the endless runner that actually makes sense is now available on more platforms.  This is the mobile game but bigger and better (especially if you had a smaller screen device).


Sonic Brings Speed to Sega Genesis – Today in Retro Gaming – June 23rd, 1991

Sega were in a dire situation when they were pushing their Genesis console in 1991.  The Super Nintendo (SNES) release was looming in North America after a quite successful launch in Japan.  Sega was hurting.  Nintendo had Mario and it was well known that Super Mario World was going to be the pack-in title with the SNES.    What was Sega to do?  Altered Beast was simply not the system seller Sega thought it would be.  They already tried Alex Kidd as the mascot- fans didn’t really take to him.  They could have really bucked the system and tried Phantasy Star, a role playing game (RPG), but they didn’t have one ready to battle the SNES.  No, it was time for fresh blood and that is exactly what Sonic the Hedgehog represented for the company.

RLH PS2 box

So Bad It’s Good: Run Like Hell (And Grab Your Bawls)

A guy travelling through space arrives at his intended destination to discover nearly everyone on board is dead, and his love interest is missing. Occasionally with the help of a partner, but usually all by himself, he proceeds through the levels in third-person perspective, solving puzzles, reading other people’s e-mail, upgrading his arsenal, and destroying aliens who re-animate the bodies of their victims to bolster their numbers. What’s worse, a strange bio-mass is slowly devouring everything in sight. Attacks are constant, ammunition is in short supply, and sometimes the only option is to flee from an indestructible killing machine. Name that game, readers!

If you thought, “Dead Space, because obvious game is obvious,” you are wrong. Deduct ten points. Half a dozen years before Isaac Clarke plasma cut his way through the Necromorphs infesting the USG Ishimura in his search for Nicole, Nick Connor prowled Forsetti Station to rescue Samantha in 2002’s Run Like Hell, designed by Digital Mayhem and published by Interplay.

Quake Title Screen

Quake Brings Gamers 3rd Dimension Death – Today in Retro Gaming – June 22nd 1996

Okay, where were you 20 years ago?  Were you a PC gamer or were you a console gamer?  Either way, you probably heard about Quake by id Software when it was released.  It was a game changer for all of the right reasons.  While Doom, id Software’s previous series, was iconic and popular, Quake took it all to a new level.  Full on 3rd dimension.  The gameplay was fast, furious and visceral- much like Doom before, just cranked up to 12.  Today, we salute you, Quake.


 Kraut Buster Neo Geo Run Gun Shooter Update

NGDEVTEAM have released an updated video for their game, Kraut Buster.  For those that do not know about this game yet, it is a run and gun title for the Neo Geo hardware.  According to NGDEVTEAM’s latest update on their site, it could be their last project of this scale.  What a sendoff if it is their last Neo Geo title.  There are rumors they have something else in the works and doing Neo Geo titles is just not in the cards anymore.


Today in Gaming History: 3 Ninjas Kick Back

In an era long since passed there was a series of movies with the name 3 Ninjas which were very corny. 3 Ninjas had 3 sequels and they would each earn less money than the previous iteration. This was until 1998 when 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain released to put the final nail in the coffin which was this aberration of a series. But, to the surprise of many 3 Ninjas had a video game released for the SNES on June 19th of 1994. The game titled after the sequel of the movie was called 3 Ninjas Kick Back and unlike the film which was a modest success this game was a terrible flop.

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