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Space Rangers Quest Hopes iPhone Android Windows Gamers Remember Text Adventures


In the early days of computing there were no graphical powerhouse games.  Things were simpler back then.  More than likely if you were playing games on your computer in the early 80’s, if you had one, you were playing with wire frame graphics or more likely a text adventure.  These text adventures were pretty much like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that somehow hold on to some popularity today (I am certainly on the lookout for them).  Over the years as graphics improved the text adventure was pushed back farther and farther from the forefront of gaming.  Space Rangers Quest hopes gamers on Android, iPhone and Windows computers remember the text adventure and are willing to support a new one in that style. Read more »

Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit Receiving Pokemon GO Port


Okay, who amongst you reading this remembers the Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (VMU)?  For those that do not remember, it was a removable memory card for the Sega Dreamcast console which doubled as a small gaming on the go device.  Since the VMU had a screen, controls and a couple of action buttons, it was easy to see how some developers put games on it.  For the most part the Visual Memory Unit was used as a secondary screen while plugged into the controller.  Some sports games allowed picking plays on it, Resident Evil put the heart rate monitor on it, etc.  Anyhow, Pokemon GO is getting ported to the Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit.  Who wants to place a bet on how long before Nintendo and Niantic take it down? Read more »

Oddballs in Gaming: Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy II was the sequel which dared to be different. A shame that it tried a little bit too hard. But, while some of its changes proved unpopular, others remained as staple in the series. Final Fantasy II has guest party members, a large supporting cast, a villain who was larger than life, and a new world. But, it also included the strangest leveling system in the whole series (even stranger than the junction system from VIII). Read more »

Pokémon special: Gold/Silver/Crystal


Hey guys! How are you all? Well, after a fairly long time, I bring you the second part of this special. In this part, we shall cover generation 2 of pokémon. Well then, let’s get started!

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Atari 2600 Game Bigfoot Family Currently on Kickstarter


The Atari 2600 and Kickstarter are not exactly synonymous.  Most people that want new Atari 2600 games probably already know about AtariAge and their store.  If not, they do now.  That has not stopped Bobby Alexander from hitting the popular crowdsourcing service to seek assistance in getting his new game on cartridge.  Bigfoot Family is a new Atari 2600 game and interesting because it pulls from a classic title to be original. Read more »

9 Sequels That Kinda Sucked



Every series has one game in it that just doesn’t compare to the rest. This can happen for a number of reasons; limited budget, trying to fix what isn’t broken, or a game is handed off to a completely different team that doesn’t understand what makes the series so special. Here are nine cases of sequels gone wrong.

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Oddballs in Gaming: Postal III


Hailed as a piece of crap by gamers all over the world and banished to the depths of Hades Postal III stands as a test of what shouldn’t be done to a beloved franchise. The sequel to the originally controversial Postal 2 it does no justice to the franchise. While Postal III attempts to be humorous and maintain the spirit of both previous iterations it simply fails in every level. This game retains almost none of the spirit that the original carried, and due to the horrible executive meddling from the developers it became one of the worst games in history. Is it any surprise that it was eventually written off by Running with Scissors (the original developers)?

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Did Sega Turn Down the Nintendo 64 Hardware?


It is almost the point that gamers can point to that was the fall of Sega.  Releasing a ton of add-ons for the Sega Genesis seems to be the point that most game companies point at when asked why they didn’t support the Sega Saturn.  That Sega was all over the place.  They were actually.  While they were focusing on the Sega 32X they were also working on what would become the Sega Saturn but did you know that Sega could have given gamers what Nintendo didn’t?  Sega turned down the Nintendo 64 hardware. Read more »

Majestic – What the Hell Happened?


Today augmented reality games are all the rage and only getting more popular.  We have Pokemon GO, we have virtual reality and we are seeing more immersive gaming experiences arise.  This is nothing new though, even more immersive than simply looking at your phone screen was done over a decade ago.  Electronic Arts attempted taking things WAY farther than just wandering around town trying to catch digital creatures.  No, in Majestic, you LIVED the game, well as much of it as you wanted.  Phone calls, e-mails, text messages, video clips, etc were all available if you were willing to go that far. Read more »

Q Bert Rebooted Released for NVIDIA Shield Android Device


The classic Q Bert game has been eyed by a lot of gamers over the years as either demon spawn or a cool game.  Which side of the fence you fall on depends on the aggravating diagonal control scheme.  Okay, you could fall on either side of the fence for another reason but I wager the controls are up there.  Now owners of the NVIDIA Shield can enjoy the infuriating entertainment of Q Bert. Read more »

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