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New Game: Lenna’s Inception for PC Enters Early Access Status

To say that The Legend of Zelda was a pivotal title is an understatement to say the least. Even today, that title that is going on 25 years old, is still influencing releases across many platforms. Take Lenna’s Inception for instance which takes inspiration from the Game Boy Color Zelda games. Lenna’s Inception is obviously a labor or love for the classic Nintendo franchise. Just check out the video below for proof of that.

metahunter remix

New Game: Metanet Hunter- Remix for Linux, Mac and Windows

Staples of side scrolling action adventure games include a likeable protagonist, colorful levels to play through, about eight of them to be exact and baddies to thwart. Metanet Hunter- Remix has that stuff and a nice retro feel to boot.


New Game: Sega Master System Brawl Released for Sega Genesis

Every Sega gamer out there has probably looked longingly at the Super Smash Bros series and wondered what it would be like to have had a similar game but for Sega games. Wonder no more as indie developers have come to the rescue with Sega Master System Brawl, a new and ongoing updated Sega Genesis game.

Claire survival horror Hailstorm Games Steam Windows Desura

New Game: Claire, A 2D Side Scrolling Horror Title for PC

Horror titles are nearly a dime a dozen. They usually follow the same formula too. 3D, 3rd person and focus on jump scares- formulaic to say the least. Enter Claire by Hailstorm Games. Claire is not your typical horror title, for one it is a 2D side scrolling title instead of 3D.


Hardware Hack: Yoshi’s Island Themed Super Nintendo

These custom themed hardware modifications are pretty popular with you, our readers, which has upped their placement on our list of priority articles. This hardware hack is an interesting one that combines a custom paint job with one of the most popular Super Nintendo games released- Yoshi’s Island.

z the game pc windows steam

New Game: Updated Z- The Game Now Available on Steam

This is not simply a re-release of the classic real time strategy title. TickTock Games, KISS Ltd and Kavcom have rebuilt the original from the ground up with new, modern, PC’s in mind (there is no DOSBox emulation going on here). This update brings along with it all of the original’s fun, strategy, weapons and enemies. They also kept the Bitmap Brother’s humor, style and attitude.


Update: Knight’s Chance Now Available for Pre-Order on Neo Geo AES

Previously we covered Knight’s Chance when it was only going to be a Neo Geo MVS release. The publisher has updated the situation and now Knight’s Chance is available for the AES platform also (with a mysterious mention of another port in the future).


New Game: Philia the Sequel to Elansar Released on Atari Jaguar CD, Computer Android and iOS

New games for old platforms, particularly those that didn’t sell well such as the Atari Jaguar CD-ROM, are interesting for several reasons. Unlike many other publishers of retro games, the team behind Philia, and the previous title in this series Elansar, understand that they need to reach more gamers to garner more sales. Philia, just like Elansar, is available for iOS, Android, computers and Atari Jaguar.


Kickstarter: The Deer God Employs Metroidvania Gaming in 3D Pixel Art Adventure

Quick, without the help of Google, name off the number of games where you play a deer. No, hunting games don’t count- you are not controlling the deer in those rather you are shooting them. Other than Rocky and Bullwinkle (which did not involve a deer but a moose) there are not many games that pay homage to these four legged graceful creatures. Until now.

super famicom game boy advance mod

Hardware Hack: Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Themed Game Boy Advance Portables

The Game Boy Advance, no matter if you are a fan of Nintendo or not, is obviously a seminal portable platform. Some would argue the GBA is the last “retro” portable to be released, probably thanks in large part to the library that was released for this Nintendo hand held. Thanks to Rose Colored Gaming fans of the Game Boy Advance can enjoy the hand held in a new light, particularly that of a Super Nintendo or a Super Famicom color scheme.

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