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Project Blaze New Sega Saturn Homebrew Announced


It has not been a full week or so since the Sega Saturn BIOS was compromised and we are already starting to see homebrew/independent developer’s show off new games.  One of those new games is Project Blaze by Titan Game Studios.  Fans of 2D side scrolling action platform titles will want to start paying attention.  The Sega Saturn is about to start throwing down the gauntlet and it is going to be a wild ride. Read more »

Revenge of the License: Five NES Games That Missed the Point

NES Console

I love licensed NES games. I love the sound they make as I yank them out of my system and hurl them against the wall. The relentless plundering through the morass for this column in search of something worth playing and finding the occasional surprise is always delightful, and why I keep coming back to this column over and over again. But all too often the game a publisher slap-dashed a license on to bears so little resemblance to the source materials you’re left wondering how someone could screw it up so badly. More importantly though, suppose you really want to play a game featuring your favorite license but all you know about are the crappy versions? Retro Gaming Magazine has you covered, loyal readers! Here are five of my favorite least-favorite examples of this behavior from the 8-bit era, along with five same-era alternatives you can use to exorcise those demons.

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Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom Ignores Classic Formula on Sega Genesis – Today in Retro Gaming – July 25th, 1991


When the Sega Genesis was released, Sega was pretty much operating on a clean slate with most of the fans that bought it.  Their previous console, the Sega Master System was not much more than a cult hit in the United States (while it rocked in other countries).  This was due to a lot of things that held the company back from success- many point the finger at shady activities by Nintendo at the time.  Nonetheless, Sega was able to create some iconic franchises.  Phantasy Star being one, and a role playing game at that.  On the Genesis, the sequel, Phantasy Star II was well received.  Too bad Sega ignored what made the first two games popular when they released Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom in 1991.  Personally, I liked Phantasy Star III- it is the only PS game I have beaten. Read more »

Sonic Mania 25th Anniversary Returns Series to Roots on Xbox One Playstation 4 and Windows PC


Sega is apparently regaining their wits as they have just announced a brand new 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game.  What in the world is going on?  While I am not the biggest fan of Sonic the Hedgehog I can say I am impressed with what is shown in this trailer that Sega just released for Sonic Mania 25th Anniversary.  Fans should be excited and be prepared to support this effort or shut up bitching about wanting a new 2D game in the series. Read more »

Electronic Arts Gives Gamers Road Rash II on Sega Genesis – Today in Retro Gaming – July 22nd, 1993


If you think about Electronic Arts (EA) for a moment, forget their current, horrendous, Digital Rights Management (DRM) antics and focus on their past they were quite good.  EA were great at picking the right games to publish and developing some cool games of their own.  I mean, come on, look at their Sega Genesis catalog and tell me that is not impressive.  Their personal computer catalog before and after the Sega Genesis days was even more impressive, especially prior to the Windows takeover.  One title that stands out in the 16-Bit era is Road Rash II.  This title took the original and did just what gamers wanted- gave more stuff but did not mess with what worked. Read more »

Sega Bundle Stars Package Gives Gamers Choices


Sega, a company that many of us simply wish was still around in the console world, is alive in the digital/3rd party world.  At least they have not forgotten their roots is a saying you may hear a lot with regard to Sega.  The problem is, they kind of have.  That is a discussion for another article though.  If you are a Sega fan and don’t own a lot of their biggest titles on Steam then here is your chance to pay as little as $0.40 per game. Read more »

Valuable SNES Games Earning Cash Today

Valuable SNES Games Worth Money

Are you sitting on a goldmine of rare and valuable Nintendo games? Video games are fast becoming the valuable antiques of the future. Read on for the top ten valuable SNES games that sold on ebay recently. Read more »

Retro City Rampage DX Hits Retro Platform


Retro City Rampage is one of those modern games that attempts to rip off the classic “retro” look.  It is intentionally developed using minimalistic graphics and sound/music.  A lot of developers feel this is the route to take to make their game stand out.  Unfortunately, a lot of developers are forgetting to make their games fun.  Retro City Rampage DX is just the latest in updated versions of Retro City Rampage and it is hitting a retro platform for the first time. Read more »

Sega Genesis Receives First Batman Game – Today in Retro Gaming – July 19th, 1990


Batman has always been a hot commodity in gaming.  The majority of games based on the caped crusader are good.  This is a contradiction to licensed games in general though as most are horrible, particularly those based on movies.  The Sega Genesis version doesn’t follow the movie 100% to a “T” but there is a lot here to make it clear that the movie is the main source.  Interestingly, this game almost didn’t make the jump to North America thanks to the overbearing contracts Nintendo had on third parties at the time. Read more »

Today in Japan Retro Gaming: Dragon Slayer IV (NES)

Dragon Slayer IV

Dragon Slayer IV: DraSle Family is one of those lesser-known but still classic titles for the NES. Five playable characters, each with different abilities, must work in tandem to explore a dungeon, find essential equipment, and SPOILER ALERT!! slay the dragon. If that sounds somehow familiar, it’s probably because you’re a North American gamer who’s played Legacy of the Wizard, and this article is for you. If that doesn’t sound familiar, then this article is totally for you and you should keep reading right up until the end. Retro gaming is an all-inclusive hobby here at RGM, and we welcome both noob and hardcore alike.

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