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Bandit Gaming- New, Better, Mario Bros Coming to the Atari 2600

The original Mario Bros that hit the Atari 2600 was less than stellar, to be honest.  It was a serviceable version but it was lacking in many ways due to the capabilities of the hardware.  Homebrew fans are working on fixing this, near, travesty, with a new and better Mario Bros for the Atari 2600.  Right now, it is in the preliminary phases, also known as a beta, but the basics are there and, so far, the results are far beyond the original release.  There are other remakes of classics for various consoles and this won’t be the last one, I am sure.

Owl Hunt Dead Owl Productions Kings Quest V

Bandit Gaming: Owl Hunt Expands on King’s Quest V in Unique Way

Ah, the classic King’s Quest series.  A series that used to be a mainstay in gaming and a very viable reason to purchase a computer considering only one King’s Quest game was ever ported to a home console (quick, name it!).  This series started in the early days of computing and lasted up to the point where 3D cards such as the 3Dfx Voodoo series and NEC PowerVR cards advanced PC gaming.  Innovative independent programming group, Dead Owl Productions, have created an original game called Owl Hunt that expands on the world of King’s Quest V.

Peter Gabriel Eve box art

Revenge of the License: Peter Gabriel’s Eve

Happy Sunday, regular consumers of Retro Gaming Magazine! Today, just for you, we present the easiest way to win obscene amounts of cash via pretentious, music-loving hipster. First: find a pretentious music-loving hipster at your local watering hole; if you can’t find one at the first place you hit, don’t give up! Travel to the next (bar/pub/tavern/strip club). Second: bet him twenty (dollars/euros/scarves/whatever) you know something about Peter Gabriel, former prog rock extravaganza “Genesis” front-man, that he does not. Third: having shocked the monkey by mocking his extensive knowledge of music, accept his acceptance of this wager (shake those hands). Fourth: tell him to get on his iPhone and pull up this article, then stand back because here comes the flood. When hipsters lose their shit you’re never sure if you’re dealing with “my baby sister’s temper tantrum” or “Krakatoa II: Krak Harder” on the hipsters-losing-their-shit scale, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Justice Beaver SNES Nintendo Wii U eShop retro Collectorvision

Kickstarter: Justice Beaver for Super Nintendo Will Hit Kickstarter Soon

New games for the Super Nintendo are kind of rare, unlike the Sega Dreamcast and the Neo Geo which seem to never have realized they were discontinued.  Some developers are holding true though and releasing new Super Nintendo titles such as Collectorvision.  Their upcoming title, Justice Beaver, has just been announced to be headed to Kickstarter to assist with funding for the Super Nintendo version. 

Marlboro Atari Lynx retro hand held 3

Leery Licensing: Marlboro Licensed Atari Lynx, Plus Prototype Game

Atari was not scared to get out there and try weird things, like trying to convince gamers that the Jaguar was actually a 64-Bit console.  Anyhow, Atari was at least trying (Sega, I am looking your way concerning the Dreamcast).  Atari’s only hand held, the Lynx, was a decently popular device though it was, unfortunately, released against the Nintendo Game Boy.  Atari tried bringing arcade ports such as Ninja Gaiden (the NES version is NOT the arcade game), rebooting popular franchises such as Gauntlet and even going after big name licenses such as Batman Returns.  It was all for naught as the Lynx simply could not gain a large enough foothold to survive in the market.  They even licensed out the Lynx to others for endorsement purposes, such as Marlboro of all companies.

What if Pac-Man was released today Atari 2600 IAP retro

What If: Pac-Man Was Released on Modern Platforms

The “What if” column is just that, what if’s and imaginary scenarios in gaming that we find interesting and unique.  One such scenario concerns Pac-Man.  More directly, what if Pac-Man was released on modern platforms that have Internet connectivity (I know the Atari 2600 had a modem but that was different), multiplayer (not just locally) and micro transactions that are rampant in modern gaming (particularly the modern realm).  Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka on Youtube has done just that in one of his videos.  The results are pretty accurate.

Willy the Wasp 2 a

New Game: Willy the Wasp 2 Hits the ZX Spectrum Retro Computer

The ZX Spectrum, a computer that gamers like me here in the United States probably have very little experience with got a new game recently.  Willy the Wasp 2 was recently released on the Spectrum computer adding another action adventure title to its library.  The story for Willy the Wasp 2 is pretty simple, and completely believable in gaming terms- a nuclear (get George W. Bush to say that one!) power plant has been taken over by environmental protestors and unfortunately, the reactor has caught fire.  You, as Will the Wasp, are the only hope available to restore peace and safety by running the environmentalists out so the reactor can be properly repaired.  Completely believable in gaming terms.

Pokemon Blue Super Nintendo retro pokedex

Hardware Hack: Super Game Boy and Pokemon Blue Inside of Super Nintendo Cartridge

Everyone knows that Pokemon never hit the Super Nintendo, regardless of the fact that it was a raging hit on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color during that console’s lifespan.  Nintendo, for some reason, never released the little creatures into the home through their, then, flagship console.  Thanks to Reddit user mmmstephen, Super Nintendo owners can enjoy Pokemon Blue on their SNES.

Ikaruga X Texas Instruments TI-83 TI-84 Treasure Shooter

Bandit Gaming: Ikaruga Ported to the Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Over 13 years ago when Treasure released Ikaruga to the world- well Japanese arcades and then the Sega Dreamcast- gamers were in awe of the graphics and challenge that Ikaruga posed.  Eventually the world got Ikaruga on the Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox Live and an enhanced version on Windows but what about those lowly retro systems that gamers have forgotten, or didn’t even think of as a gaming platform?  Things such as the Texas Instruments TI-83 and TI-84 graphing calculators.  These were never meant to play simple games like tic-tac-toe let alone play something like Ikaruga.  The team over at RMV Pixel Engineers didn’t get that memo though.

Pandemic Sinclair ZX81 retro computer

New Game: Pandemic Brings Gauntlet Style Dual Stick Shooting to the Sinclair ZX81

Gauntlet style shooters are not all that new, they have been around since before Gauntlet but Atari’s classic was the first to take hold, and keep it.  Pandemic is an overhead shooter that is similar to that classic arcade game but it is for the Sinclair ZX81, a computer that hit retail shelves in 1981, over 33 years ago.  Pandemic is a Bob’s Stuff production, an accomplished coder for these retro platforms (just check out his site for proof).  The sequel to Virus, Pandemic is larger, harder and comes with unlimited ammunition- trust me, you will need it all.

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