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Fallout 4 is for the Bargain Bin

I used to scrounge around the bargain bin because cheap is good. The only time you bought new is when a major title was released like Super Mario Bros 2 or Final Fantasy 7. Now I can’t bring myself to buy Fallout 4 new despite the hype and anticipation. This is going to be a bargain bin purchase for every reason besides price.

Sonic R box art

Today in Retro Gaming: Sonic R

Today, Traveller’s Tales is best known for taking extremely popular franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Batman and converting them into cute little Lego versions of themselves. The end result is an enormous dynasty of titles which earn the company cubic butt-tons of money with every new release as gamers clamor to see what license TT will acquire next. I’m rooting for Lego H.P. Lovecraft myself, but that’s neither here nor there. What is important is before Traveller’s Tales figured out a way to vacuum money directly out of consumer’s wallets, they had to do things the hard way. And today in 1997 saw the release of one of those lesser-known efforts: Sonic R for the Sega Saturn.

Bubba_Buck_Blasitin_AtariAge_ActionMax_DVD_VHS (2)

ActionMax Sees New Release 28 Years After System Went Defunct

The ActionMax was not exactly a hot seller in the late 80’s when it was released.  For one, it relied too much on the gamer to own other hardware, such as an expensive VCR.  Also, games were not exactly games, rather they were pre-recorded footage on VHS tapes- think early Sega CD Full Motion Video games like Night Trap and Sewer Shark (who knows what system they were originally planned for?).  Obviously sales were horrible, even worse than what Sega experienced with their Master System console in North America (calm down UK readers).  There were only a handful of titles released for the ActionMax and the only one worth checking out was left on the developer’s kit.

Scramble_Atari_2600_retro_retrogaming (2)

Scramble is a New Side Scrolling Homebrew Shooter for the Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 was no stranger to 2D side scrolling shooters.  We saw a few iconic ones released on the console.  Defender being the most popular that I can think off the top of my head.  While the Atari 2600 was not exactly designed for this type of game, developers were still able to make the 8-Bit classic console sing.  Now, homebrew developers are taking their turn at making the Atari 2600 do things it was not designed to do, and doing it quite well.


We’re All Doing Classic Gaming Wrong

As I’m winding up to start my own indie game development studio I’ve come to realize just how warped the “retro” genre is.  Many “me too” mobile developers seem to think oversimplification equals retro.  Many retro gamers never get beyond the brands and games of their youth.

WCW vs NWO Box Art

Today in Retro Gaming: WCW vs. NWO: World Tour

What happens when a bunch of muscle-bound athletes meet the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 head-on for the first time? You get a lot of broken plastic and smashed up electronics if you answer the question literally. But if you understand we’re talking more in the figurative sense, then you wind up with WCW vs. NWO: World Tour which was released on this date back in 1997. And if you’ve got a problem with that, we’ve got some forty of the afore-mentioned muscle-bound athletes who would just love to hear your side of the story.


BEEhive, New Art Tool Work In Progress for Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is coming across my desk quite a bit in the last month or two.  The latest is BEEhive, an art tool that allows you to rework games that were commercially released.  Sonic the Hedgehog 1 is used in the video, below, to show off the basic features of BEEhive.  While the video is from a basic version of BEEhive, there is a lot more already up and running in BEEhive.  This is quite an interesting tool that is in development.


Tanglewood Proves the Sega Genesis is still Alive and Kicking

While the Sega Genesis is soon to be the recipient of Duke Nukem 3D, thanks to Piko Interactive, there are other developers working on even more titles for Sega’s defunct console.  What we are seeing with Tanglewood is the early stages of an action platform title in the vein of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros.  Big Evil Corporation, seriously, are behind this one.

Resident Evil 3 box art

Today in Retro Gaming: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the team tasked with designing the follow-up to Resident Evil 2. RE2 improved upon every facet of what made the original so memorable; the end result is a title still hailed as one of the best survival horror experiences even now, nearly twenty years later. Since I don’t work for Capcom, that’s something I’ve never had to worry about. Nevertheless, this is where new director Kazuhiro Aoyama found himself with regards to said follow-up: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released today back in 1999.

NFL Players Games

Wacky Wednesday – Jerome Bettis is Confused

It really should not be too much to ask that the people who produce the ads for video games have at least a moderate understanding of the product for which they are producing advertising, right? And yet we see this kind of thing repeatedly across pop culture, as the people who are tasked with inserting video games into some other medium just grab a couple of things for props and think nothing of it. They know the average non-gamer isn’t going to have a clue, because they themselves are average non-gamers, and are lacking in the clue department. It’s the sort of stuff we love pointing out, because that’s when you get a seriously confused Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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