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In Development: Tiny Knight by Collectorvision

Tiny Knight is a work in progress from Collectorvision, so early that we have only gotten one screen for it.  Collectorvision are known for their support of defunct platforms with new games that push the hardware.  Tiny Knight is hard to peg as to what platform it will be released on but it appears to be at least a 16-Bit platform meaning either the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis.


New Game: Metal Slug Revolution Brings the SNK Classic Series into the Action RPG Realm

SNK Playmore are not scared to update their classics into new genres.  We have seen Metal Slug Defense (review here) where the classic shooter series was transformed into a tower defense game.  The King of Fighters has been transformed into a rhythm game and now, we have another Metal Slug game.  Metal Slug Revolution brings the classic series into the realm of action role playing games similar to say, Popful Mail on the Sega CD.  The only problem is, Metal Slug Revolution is currently only headed to Korean iOS devices.

Ur-Quan Masters HD Star Control II 3DO 3

Game Mod: Ur-Quan Masters Now Available in HD

Okay, who remembers the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console?  The one from the early to mid-90’s that was going to revolutionize gaming with all kinds of things that didn’t come true.  One thing did come true on Trip Hawkens’ little console that he got everyone else to manufacture- we got one hell of a great game in Star Control II, brought over by Crystal Dynamics (the people behind many 3DO classics).  This was space exploration/battles at its best and it was only on the 3DO (as far as consoles are concerned).  Eventually the 3DO port was opened to the community and ported BACK to PC and called “The Ur-Quan Masters”.  This port is now available in HD thanks to even more dedicated fans.

Targa Rendering Ranger Super Nintendo Unreleased Prototype

Unreleased: Spiritual Successor to Turrican, Targa aka Rendering Ranger, to See Limited Cartridge Release on Super Nintendo

Take your pick on the name, Rendering Ranger or Targa, either way, this is a phenomenal looking title for the Super Nintendo.  The interesting thing about this title is that it was, for the longest time, a Japanese exclusive.  The Japanese version is quite pricey and one that not many gamers have seen in the plastic.  Last year, a prototype of Targa (the planned name for the North American version) was purchased on Ebay by the Nolan brothers.  These guys bend over backwards to preserve classic titles that would otherwise probably be lost to the general gamer.  They also do their best to give back to the collecting community by releasing cartridges and the like of these games.  These guys also are the ones behind Bill’s Tomato Game for the Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive.

SuperTed Amiga Shooter Bandit Gaming Retro Game

Bandit Gaming- SuperTed Comes to the Commodore Amiga, Brings Along Friends

The Commodore Amiga is a computer has entered the annals of history with a more than slightly positive image (not many platforms can say this).  This positive image has never been more apparent than in the plethora of games still being made for Commodore’s super computer.  One such new game is SuperTed which is based on the Welsh cartoon/children’s book of the same name.  Eventually SuperTed did come to North America so this is not completely a missed license opportunity (though this is a fan game, not an official release).

HuZERO F-Zero Turbo Grafx-16 SNES racing

Bandit Gaming: F-Zero Ported to the Turbo Grafx-16, Called HuZERO

F-Zero, a series that started on the Super Nintendo has been a racing game that Nintendo pulls out of retirement from time to time to show off a new console or hand held.  Since this is a Nintendo branded game, it is obvious that F-Zero never hit any platforms other than ones manufactured by Nintendo themselves.  The Turbo Grafx-16 was NEC’s entry in the 16-Bit wars (which was a shame since they apparently went to the same school as SNK and Atari).  Now, add in a talented Chris Covell who has a firm understanding of the NEC Turbo Grafx-16 and a fandom for F-Zero.  What you get is HuZERO, a caravan version of F-Zero for NEC’s misnamed 16-Bit console.

Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter Maniac Mansion Monkey Island

Kickstarter: Thimbleweed Park Coming from Maniac Mansion Creators

Adventure game fans definitely know the names Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island.  The real question is do you recognize the names Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick?  You should because they are the brains behind those great, iconic, adventure titles we have enjoyed for nearly 30 years.  Now, those two are back, on Kickstarter, asking for assistance in creating the spiritual successor to those iconic titles.  Will you help?  Will you click support then click Ron and Gary?


Bandit Gaming- New, Better, Mario Bros Coming to the Atari 2600

The original Mario Bros that hit the Atari 2600 was less than stellar, to be honest.  It was a serviceable version but it was lacking in many ways due to the capabilities of the hardware.  Homebrew fans are working on fixing this, near, travesty, with a new and better Mario Bros for the Atari 2600.  Right now, it is in the preliminary phases, also known as a beta, but the basics are there and, so far, the results are far beyond the original release.  There are other remakes of classics for various consoles and this won’t be the last one, I am sure.

Owl Hunt Dead Owl Productions Kings Quest V

Bandit Gaming: Owl Hunt Expands on King’s Quest V in Unique Way

Ah, the classic King’s Quest series.  A series that used to be a mainstay in gaming and a very viable reason to purchase a computer considering only one King’s Quest game was ever ported to a home console (quick, name it!).  This series started in the early days of computing and lasted up to the point where 3D cards such as the 3Dfx Voodoo series and NEC PowerVR cards advanced PC gaming.  Innovative independent programming group, Dead Owl Productions, have created an original game called Owl Hunt that expands on the world of King’s Quest V.

Peter Gabriel Eve box art

Revenge of the License: Peter Gabriel’s Eve

Happy Sunday, regular consumers of Retro Gaming Magazine! Today, just for you, we present the easiest way to win obscene amounts of cash via pretentious, music-loving hipster. First: find a pretentious music-loving hipster at your local watering hole; if you can’t find one at the first place you hit, don’t give up! Travel to the next (bar/pub/tavern/strip club). Second: bet him twenty (dollars/euros/scarves/whatever) you know something about Peter Gabriel, former prog rock extravaganza “Genesis” front-man, that he does not. Third: having shocked the monkey by mocking his extensive knowledge of music, accept his acceptance of this wager (shake those hands). Fourth: tell him to get on his iPhone and pull up this article, then stand back because here comes the flood. When hipsters lose their shit you’re never sure if you’re dealing with “my baby sister’s temper tantrum” or “Krakatoa II: Krak Harder” on the hipsters-losing-their-shit scale, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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