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Crazy Taxi 2 Makes Sega Dreamcast Curazy – Today in Retro Gaming – May 28th, 2001

Sega knew how to make arcade games.  That is historical fact.  Many of the top arcade titles are Sega releases.  In 2001 one of those fun arcade titles came home to the Sega Dreamcast.  Crazy Taxi 2 is obviously a sequel to Crazy Taxi, another arcade to Sega Dreamcast release. The key word here is arcade as this is truly a fast paced action racing game.  How you take that is up to you, for a lot of gamers though it is a tour de force of fun.


Kid Chameleon Masks Abilities on Sega Genesis – Today in Retro Gaming – May 28th, 1992

Sega throughout the 16-Bit era, and many would argue the 8-Bit era too, was constantly trying to find a mascot.  They did this by throwing just about every game that was well put together and had a cool hook to it out to gamers.  The problem with this method of mascot hunting was, not many of those cool games got a sequel as Sega was already onto the next game.  Kid Chameleon was one of those sequel-less titles we saw on the Sega Genesis.  It also has a birthday today.


Ogre Battle 64 the Hidden Stratagem of the N64

Ogre Battle 64: Person of the Lordly Caliber was one of the few strategy games that were present in the Nintendo 64’s relatively small library. Ogre Battle 64 was released in October of the year 2000 and was actually one of the last 50 games released in the console. On the surface the OB64 did not appear to be much due to its generic character models and lack of input during combat, but once you broke through the ground you would discover a plethora of depth which few games could rival at the time. Ogre Battle 64 received exceptional reviews at the time of release, yet perhaps due to a lack of marketing or even availability (this game was hard to find) it sold rather poorly.


Bad Dudes Becomes Big Trouble in Little China on Nintendo Entertainment System

While the original game, Bad Dudes, was not a bad game, it was not exactly an awesome game either.  That has not stopped Pacnsacdave from using it as the basis of his latest ROM hack for Big Trouble in Little China.  What Dave has done is turn the original Data East game into an action title based on one of the more entertaining classics I have watched.  Sure, your mileage will vary with this ROM hack based on your opinion of the source material but generally, it is probably going to be a good experience for you.


Star Fox Unofficial Russian Translation Released

Video game fans are a lively bunch.  Just when you think there is not a lot left to do, they come up with something new.  We have a lot of readers in Russian speaking territories as well as French.  That is why from time to time we do these articles for those readers.  I am not sure if Star Fox was ever officially released in Russia, doesn’t matter as fans have made a patch available doing just that. 


Famicom Disk System Mario Bros Translated to English

The original Mario Bros game is iconic, if not a little archaic compared to the later games.  With that iconic status comes the fact that Nintendo keeps it alive and well periodically.  From the original release in arcades and the obvious parade around the console world of the time to seeing release in some form on modern consoles and hand helds- Mario Bros is not dead.  It is interesting to note though, throughout all of those re-releases within other games, we have yet to officially receive the slightly fuller Famicom Disk System version.  Until now and unofficially.


Metal Slug Super Detailed Destruction on Neo Geo – Today in History – May 24th, 1996

What do you do when you are SNK and have this awesome piece of tech in the arcades?  You bring it home of course.  The problem that SNK faced with this action is that arcade perfect ports required arcade perfect hardware.  With that hardware comes a high price.  So, to entice players into buying your games and hardware you have to give them something the competition are not.  That is Metal Slug.  A super detailed tour de force of explosions and run and gun action.  To say the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn, Neo Geo’s main competition in 1996, were not providing anything similar is an understatement.  SNK was rocking the 2D, sprite based, style hard with Metal Slug while Sony and Sega were playing with pointy polygons that were slow and tedious for the player.


5 Mortal Kombat Ports You Won’t Care to Play

Mortal Kombat.  You either love it or wonder what all of the fuss is about.  There were a couple of eye catching differences when it hit arcades.  First, the graphics, these were not hand drawn cartoon characters like Street Fighter II.  Second, you could literally, positively, END your opponent after winning the fight.  The fact that Mortal Kombat had fatalities was certainly something I knew about the game before I even saw it in person.  Home ports were eventually created, some better than others (Nintendo censorship, I am thinking about you here).  While the Sega Genesis game sold quite well, the Super Nintendo version, and Game Boy version (yeah they censored that too) sold okay- word got around quick.  Those were the better ports though, this article is about the five that you won’t care to play.  Boy oh boy, what a list.

OverBlood box

Today in Retro Gaming: OverBlood (PS1)

Waking up from cryosleep is never fun, but it’s even less enjoyable when you’re dealing with amnesia and hypothermia. This is the situation our protagonist finds himself facing at the beginning of OverBlood, a 3-D Sci-Fi Adventure (just like it says on the package). You know you’re in for a rough stretch when the first puzzle the game presents you with is getting dressed. Yet despite a fairly universal lambasting in the gaming press of the day, there’s something quirky and charming about OverBlood. It’s trying so very hard to be unique and interesting, and there’s something strangely endearing about the characters. It’s hardly the best PS1 game ever made, and it has more than its share of faults, but to dismiss developer Riverhillsoft’s sophomore outing on the PlayStation as just another Resident Evil wannabe is a mistake.


Xbox Shenmue II French Version Available

We have a large reader base in France so whenever the chance comes up to do something for them, I do it.  The latest such game being translated into French is Shenmue II for the Microsoft Xbox console.  This popularity in other countries is probably due to our language translation option to the right (supports a ton of languages thanks to Google Translate).  Shenmue II is a fairly popular title, the upcoming third game that was successful on Kickstarter shows there are fans that want more.

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