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5 Indie Titles Prove 2D Still Lives

2D is a rarer and rarer occurrence, especially on consoles. That is saddening for a retro gaming fan like myself as I grew up playing the greats. Super Mario Bros 1/2 (site link)/3 (site link)/World/Land, Mega Man series, Castlevania (site link) etc. Even the obscure ones like Shockman (Turbo Grafx-16), Popful Mail (Sega CD), even found some fun in Sword of Sodan (Sega Genesis). Today, gamers don’t realize what they are missing out on. This trend to snub 2D in favor of 3D started with Sony and their original Playstation console when they flat out denied 2D games early on. Imagine a 2D hand drawn, sprite based, action platform title running on the Xbox One or Playstation 4. I am sure there are a few but not nearly as many as their used to be. While the “mainstream” publishers have forgotten about us 2D fans, thankfully the indie developers out there haven’t forgotten. Here are five titles that are 2D, classic styled, and they run the gamut of super detailed to retro graphics.


Dorke and Ymp Now Available on Super Nintendo Cartridge and waiting on Steam Greenlight

New Super Nintendo games is a rare thing.  We see them from time to time, not often though.  Couple that with the fact that Dorke and Ymp is now available on a Super Nintendo cartridge and it is almost a phenomenon of retro gaming.  Dorke and Ymp is a title that was started years ago, shelved and then revived by Piko Interactive in recent years.  2D action platform fans will feel right at home with Dorke and Ymp, maybe even a little cheated that we did not see this game released years ago.  Better late than never, right?

Blair Witch Volume 3 Box

Revenge of the License: Blair Witch Vol. 3: The Elly Kedward Tale

Welcome back, my vengeance-seeking boys and ghouls. Halloween may be over, but the air is still chilled. The leaves still crunch underfoot. We’ve still got games to write about. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be looking at a trilogy of video games which take place in the cinematic universe revealed in The Blair Witch Project. Three different games developed by three different studios exploring three different aspects of the Blair Witch mythos, all using the engine developed by Terminal Reality for their cult hit Nocturne?! This is going to be the best three weeks of my life where I party like it’s 1999 all over again! Or it’ll end with my editor wuss-slapping me in the face because “real gamers don’t bawl like that when told to play a shitty game, Michael.” I’m going to regret this, aren’t I…?


Mega Q*Bert, New Homebrew Take on the Classic for Sega Genesis

Q*Bert is one of those classic titles that you either loved or hated.  The controls were “different” thanks to the angled playfield and the overall idea is just out there for an early video game (that is saying something).  Most games from back in the day required you to destroy everything on the screen, very few required any other objective be met to complete the round.  Q*Bert was one of the few titles that didn’t feature any kind of violence whatsoever- you simply bounced around the play area and touched panels on the floor to change their color.  Once all of the floor panels were the right color, you would advance to the next level.


Handy Harvy is a Fix it Felix Jr Clone for Sega Genesis Looking to Take Over Home Repair

Fix it Felix Jr picked up popularity after Wreck it Ralph was released to theaters.  Enterprising homebrew developers created the fictional Fix it Felix Jr. game and released it for the Sega Genesis console.  As the old saying goes, the best form of flattery is imitation, right?  With that in mind, let’s take a look at Handy Harvy, a homebrew title created in BasiEgaXorz, a BASIC interpreter for the Sega Genesis.


Elite Shows What Could Have Been on the Sega Genesis, Unreleased Classic

Elite is one of those computer games that there are probably people still playing today.  Similar to titles like Civilization, Elite was huge and could go on as long as you wanted it to- there is was no real push to “finish” it.  When you died, or got bored with your current game, you could simply restart and have a nearly completely new game await you.  Pretty cool.  Apparently, way back in 1994, Elite was planned to come to the Sega Genesis.  Unfortunately, that never happened but we have proof it was being worked on.


Blaze Proves the Commodore Amiga Was Capable of Sonic the Hedgehog

While Sega never supported the Commodore Amiga with any games, they did later support Windows 95/98 PC’s, which did not stop Warp Software’s Keith Bugeja from taking on Sega’s mascot with a clone of his own.  Blaze is basically Sonic the Hedgehog for the Commodore line of computers, of course it is a clone and a lot has been changed to avoid copyright problems, even though Blaze was only just finished and released.  Oh, did I mention this is not your normal homebrew?  Blaze was originally started in 1994, this gives the game a longer development cycle than that of Duke Nukem Forever.


Mega Marble World Brings Top Down Marble Puzzle Action to Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is getting quite a bit of retro love here lately (thanks to a resurgence in the community).  Mega Marble World is a puzzle game that has a graphical style that is not unlike that of the classic Nintendo franchise, Legend of Zelda, on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Mega Marble World has very strict guidelines as to how to complete levels, as most puzzle games do.  This is a work in progress title with a demo coming soon.


Garoudan is Choplifter in Reverse Work in Progress for Sega Genesis

Anyone that remembers Choplifter probably remembers the fun in trying to save the little people without getting killed.  Some of you, those with a little darker side, probably remember doing their best to kill those little people that were so full of hope that they were being rescued.  Garoudan is basically Choplifter in reverse, you are not trying to save the humans in the game, no here you are trying to destroy everything in the level.  Did I mention that you are controlling an egg?


Homebrew Developer Creates Sonic Team Racing Work in Progress for Sega Genesis

To say that the Super Nintendo is better at 3D than the Sega Genesis is probably true if you are talking about what we saw from official sources.  That is not saying much for the homebrew community that has picked up the reigns of development over the last decade or so.  Take Sonic Team Racing for instance, this is a work in progress title that is still quite early but shows tremendous promise.  The 3D is on par with what we saw from Nintendo in their Super Mario Kart game on Super Nintendo so don’t expect Star Fox quality stuff, but also keep in mind, this is a homebrew developer that is working with aftermarket software- not official software development kits.

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