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Maldita Castilla is Coming to Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

Ah, Ghouls n Ghosts sits alone in that style of game for the Sega Genesis, Mega Drive everywhere outside of North America.  That is not stopping developer Locomalito from bringing his, wholly, original title, Maldita Castilla to the Sega Genesis.  Maldita Castilla is already available for Windows computers and is freeware (review coming soon).  This article is for the Sega Genesis port though and that is where we will focus as much as possible, obviously references to the PC version will be here.


Five Commodore 64 Homebrew Games That Rock

The Commodore 64 was a gaming computer from the 80’s that just wouldn’t quit.  Initially not intended to be a gaming computer, the fans simply made it one through the openness it offered.  Commodore was not one to shy away from this series of events, though they did continue on their original plan for it to be a business computer as best they could- the fans and developers just wouldn’t be denied.  What came of this situation was nearly the defacto platform to play games if you were doing it on a computer, at least for many years before the IBM platform pulled ahead (partly thanks to the successes of Microsoft and their DOS and Windows programs- neither of which were available for Commodore 64).  The Commodore 64 saw ports of great arcade games like Ghosts n Goblins, many Sega classics and more.  Original titles were plentiful as anyone that owned a Commodore 64 owned everything they needed to create games for it and this brought a plethora of titles, and is the main reason this article is being written.  I have pulled five Commodore 64 games that are in development right now by homebrew developers.

Raccoons_Sly_Cooper_Cartoon_Game_3D_adventure_Disney (1)

From Cartoon to Game 2 of 6- The Raccoons

This is a personal favorite of mine, it is a niche title that most reading this will probably not know about. For those that do not know about The Raccoons, you need to check it out below. The show follows Bert Raccoon and his antics in the forest. Bert is not alone in the forest, that would make for a boring show, he ahs Ralph and Melissa Raccoon (his roommates and friends) and a host of other characters, both good and bad. The main bad guy is an aardvark who also happens to be a millionaire named Cyril Sneer (80’s villains had to have clear bad guy names). Cyril’s place in the show is based on his greed which requires the forest to be cut down and the wood sold for money, increasing his net worth, everyone else be damned.


Furry RPG is a New Super Nintendo Role Playing Game Currently in Development

New games for classic consoles are usually just hacks of previously released titles, occasionally we get an all new game.  Furry RPG is just that, a brand new game that will be powered by a Mode 7 heavy engine that is also all new.  Ramsis on the forums is the person handling this new title (I think he is still looking for a pixel artist).  Ramsis is already pushing the envelope with Furry RPG as there is a very good chance that it will be MSU-1 compatible.  That means the music is going to be amazing, or at least has the potential to be as long as the source material rocks.  What is available so far shows great promise as Furry RPG is slowly taking shape.


SNES CD-ROM Prototype Found, Potentially Fake Creation – Edit Now with Video

Right now, there is a lot of hoopla going on about the recently made public discovery of an SNES CD-ROM prototype that carries the Sony logo.  What is interesting about this news is that there, at one time in history, was to be a Super Nintendo CD-ROM system that Sony was indeed working on.  It was to be a partnership for the ages, and had it gone through to fruition we probably would never have known the Playstation like we do today.  Some boardroom backstabbing happened after the contracts were examined closely and that is how we got Mario and Zelda games on the Philips CD-i system and no Nintendo Playstation console.  Until now, only artist conception drawings were available, drawings which broke in publications like Electronic Gaming Monthly and Video Games and Computer Entertainment and later republished on many websites..  Allegedly, a prototype of that fabled system has been found. 

Commodore 65 Prototype Retro Hardware

Work on FPGA based Commodore 65 Continues, Early 2016 Release on Schedule

The Commodore 65 was to be a major hardware upgrade to the venerable Commodore 64.  Scheduled to be called the C64DX/C65 and set for an early 90’s launch, Commodore pulled the plug rather abruptly and shelved the unit due to unforeseen rising manufacturing costs and probably due to their own success.  During the period that this new computer was to launch, the Commodore Amiga 500 was seeing tremendous success in the market.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that it is a bad idea to introduce a competing piece of hardware when you have another, similarly priced, piece of hardware killing it at retail.  Fate stepped in and ended the life of the C65 before it was ever able to breathe its first breath.


Half-Life and Quake 2 Engine Ported to Atari Falcon, Work in Progress with Video

Retrogaming fans are a crafty lot.  They have ported games to Doom to an ATM machine for instance.  We have seen demakes, we have seen remakes and everything in between.  Now, we have a work in progress for the IdTech #2 (Quake 2 Engine) running on an old Atari Falcon- a computer that was released in 1992.  For those not keeping track, that is about five years before Quake 2 was released and Half-Life was released in 1998.  As you can see from those dates, the Atari Falcon is probably WAY underpowered to be doing this, but it is as evidenced by that handy dandy video below.  Remember, the Atari Falcon is a computer that is running a 16 Mhz Motorola CPU 68030 with about 14 megabytes of random access memory (RAM).  Sure, there is a DSP chip in this computer too which is presumably assisting in the processing that is going on but still, this is a 23 year old computer running a much newer than that game that would make many computers from 1998 choke.

SNES Console Geek Tyrant

Today in Retro – Mediagenic’s SNES Partnership Announced

On July 2nd, 1990, Mediagenic, Inc. made an excited announcement: they had been selected by Nintendo as the first authorized American developers for Nintendo’s upcoming 16-bit video game system. Even better, they announced their first three titles would be an air combat simulator, a BattleTech simulation, and a sports game.  Finally, at least two of those three announced titles were going to use 3D filled polygons for graphics, marking a first for home consoles. Wait a minute, who the hell is “Mediagenic, Inc” anyway? And what did they contribute to the Super Nintendo? Hit the jump and find out, loyal readers!

NES Console

The Fifteen Most Difficult NES Games (That Are Not Battletoads)

As the tropes go, there’s hard, and then there’s Nintendo Hard. The distinction is easily understood by anyone who grew up in the 8-bit era, but the tradition continues to this day with games like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be The Guy. Nintendo Hard games aren’t made that way by flipping a difficulty switch, they’re born from the disturbed psyche of developers who grew up lacking positive role models. They’re created by sociopaths who don’t understand the concept of rage, or psychopaths who have no problem making children cry. What we’re looking at today are decent NES games which were also deliberately constructed to challenge the player, not games hamstrung due to poor controls or improper documentation. Friday the 13th, for instance, seems impossible because the game never explains the victory conditions or points you in the right direction, but once you understand the mechanics you can beat it in ten minutes. Likewise, LJN’s X-Men curses the single player with an AI partner so bad the game gets easier if you let them die. Games like that didn’t make this list, and Battletoads was just too obvious. When you’re ready to see what did (in no particular order), hit the jump. And if you managed to beat any of these difficult NES games–without cheating, Scott–let us know in the comments.


Legend of Zelda 3rd Quest Being Developed by Fans

Ah, the classic Nintendo 64 Zelda games were quite interesting, they were the first foray into the 3D realm for the franchise and for many, they were system sellers.  Fans showed enough support for these two 64-Bit games that Nintendo re-released them on the Gamecube (and later the Virtual Console).  Now a group of fans are working on a third quest, affectionately titled- Legend of Zelda the Third Quest (following Legend of Zelda: Master Quest on the Nintendo Gamecube).  What is cool about this is, well, it is Zelda and it is being handled by fans of the series that want to see more, not people trying to take Nintendo properties and sell them.

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