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Top 10 TurboGrafx-16 Hu-Card Games, Plus 5 Honorable Mentions

The TurboGrafx-16 is one of those consoles that people either love or love to hate. There is no middle ground. For NEC’s first, and only, foray into console gaming in North America it was quite a polarizing console. Technically going head to head with the Sega Genesis but falling in between Sega’s newest console and Nintendo’s Entertainment System as far as power went, the TurboGrafx-16 was a console with no true level ground to stand on. While the TurboGrafx-16 was neither here nor there as far as the “next generation” of consoles went, it was still able to carve out a respectable place in gaming history. Here are my Top 10 TurboGrafx-16 Hu-Card games, plus 5 honorable mentions. Grabbing these games should be a no brainer if you see them.


Arcade1Up Offering Fans Do-It-Yourself Option

What is holding you back from owning your very own arcade machine? Time? Money? General ability to follow through on new ventures such building an arcade machine? Well, Tastemakers are going to change that for you later this year with their Arcade1Up Do-It-Yourself option for arcade machine lacking fans out there.

Airaki Game Boy

Game Boy Color Game Airaki Released

When it comes to the Game Boy the selection of independently developed and released titles is quite a mixed bag. Some games are simply stunning while others are, well, the Game Boy line was a great portable lineage wasn’t it? Airaki is one of those more interesting titles. Just check out the gameplay video below for a promising idea of what you are up against in this new Game Boy commercial release.

40 Winks Nintendo 64

Canceled Nintendo 64 40 Winks Game to be Released

The first independent release for the Nintendo 64 since Nintendo shut down the factories is about to be released. You read that right, Piko Interactive are running a Kickstarter for the world’s first independently released Nintendo 64 title, 40 Winks. This is important for a few reasons, not only because it is the first independent N64 release but also because it is the completed version of a canceled game. GT Interactive canceled the N64 port when they started having financial problems, though the PSOne version was released. This is about to be remedied by Piko Interactive.

R-Type II

R-Type II Android is on Sale

The classic R-Type II is on sale right now on Google Play. This is one of the classic side scrolling shooters of yesteryear. This was one of the better-looking shooters back in the day, and it still is. On mobile devices there is not a lot of choices available for scrolling shooters and having both R-Type I and II available is just awesome.

My Favorite Gaming Hidden Gems, Part Four: Theresia (2008, DS)

I’ve been playing and collecting video games since the early 1980’s, and while there’s something to be said for enjoying the greats of the gaming world, there’s no better feeling for me than picking out something I’d never heard of, throwing it into my system, and being unable to tear myself away from it because it was just too damn fun. With that in mind, I thought I’d start up a series about my own personal favorite hidden gems of the gaming world to let people know about the unsung, the overlooked, the ignored, and the downright weird niche titles that had no chance of achieving the heights of a Mario, Sonic, or Zelda.

Today’s selection is Theresia, released on the Nintendo DS in 2008.

Star Wars Rogue One

Why Full Motion Video Was Horrible on Sega CD

Looking back today Full Motion Video games on the Sega CD are quite painful to play. Not just because most are rather horrible, and I like the genre so that is saying something, but because of the video quality. Some titles were uglier than others and this was one of the sticking points for gamers. In general, the video quality, the one thing that FMV games needed to be right, is simply not good. Many would say this is due to the developers being new to the Full Motion Video genre, or CD-ROM based development in general.

What if I told you it was something else entirely?

Sonic CD Classic

Sonic CD Joins Sega Forever on Mobile

Sega is pushing their retro games with this Sega Forever project over on mobile platforms. On one hand it is awesome because you can play the full game with intermittent advertising pop up (free to play basically) or you can pay a one-time fee to remove the ads. On the other, it is kind of a screw you to long time fans of some of the Sega Forever titles, particularly the ones that paid for the previous releases of these games. Why is that? Because you are not grandfathered in on the Sega Forever version – you must pay again if you wish to remove the advertising, and effectively have the version you already paid for once. Anyhow, Sonic CD Classic is no available in the Sega Forever collection and I have a good reason to fire up the GPD XD again.

King of Kong Billy Mitchell King of Kong image credit

Billy Mitchell, King of Kong Co-Star, May Have Mislead Donkey Kong Scores

It seems that Billy Mitchell is the pivot point for controversy of some kind within the gaming world. His chosen game is Donkey Kong of course, as detailed in the “King of Kong” movie where Mitchell’s scores went head to head with those of Steve Weibe (neither hold the number one spot any longer). Now it seems some of the scores that Mr. Mitchell has submitted to the Donkey Kong Forum website are suspect at best.

Game Park GP32

The Game Park 32 and Five Games You Need to Play

Way back in November 2001, Game Park released a little hand held that never made it out of South Korea. That means most of you reading this probably have never heard of it. My goal with this article is to change that fact. Considering there is no official English release of the GP32 means most of the games are not available in English. Considering I only speak/read English (though I can get a fight started in seven total languages) I thought it might be a clever idea to pull together a list of great games for the GP32 that everyone can play, no language barrier blocking you.

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